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June 2017

June Favorites

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Welcome to my June favorites! These are all thing’s I’ve been loving/ using constantly for the month of June. Most (but not all of these) have been reviewed, but as I review them I’ll link the reviews in.

First up is a product I raved about. I loved everything from the packaging to the colors. Unfortunately, it’s limited edition so you should snap it up quickly.

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Haul from Burberry and Kiko Milano

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Here’s my haul from my shopping trip in Milan, where I got a few lipsticks from Burberry and grabbed a few products to try from Kiko Milano.

For me, when I splurge on makeup, it’s always lipstick (and most often from Burberry). I’ve checked out a few of the other products Burberry sells (like this one) but I’ve never thought they were worth the money. I’m willing to pay $30 for one lipstick, but I would never consider paying $62 for this eyeshadow palate or $68 for this highlight.

Burberry is the most high-end brand I will ever buy (I discussed how I felt about Tom Ford here) and I just think brands like Dior and Chanel sell makeup that is so overpriced, you reach a point where you’re paying for packaging and only packaging.

Meanwhile, Kiko Milano is a new brand based in Milan with drugstore like prices. Their products are pretty cost friendly, but I’ve never tried any of the products so I can’t speak for the quality. However, they ship all over Europe and to the US which is great!

Let’s check it out!

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Day 5: Puglia

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After flying into Puglia yesterday, we spent the rest of the day swimming in and along the water.

I also used the time to edit photos for this blog and take new photos!

Today, we had breakfast along the water and swam some more, before leaving and driving to another town in Puglia called Ostuni.

This town was full of white houses and olive (and almond) groves planted in uniform lines. After walking around a little, we ate dinner at a place called Osteria Monacelle which had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life. Traditional Italian food all the way! I highly recommend if you’re in Ostuni.

Ciao bella!




Pai gentle cleanser review

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Prior to this product, I had never heard of the skincare brand Pai. However when my mom offered me a cleanser she’d gotten as a gift with purchase and didn’t want, I was skeptical.

Aren’t all cleansers basically the same?

Short answer: no.

The first difference is the cleanser I was using at the time was oil based, while this one is a cream. The second difference is how soothing this felt when I put it on my face. It dissolved any dirt or grime on my skin, leaving my face feeling smooth and soft.

My second question was this (and I’m sure yours as well):

Who (or what) is Pai?

Turns out Pai is a brand from England that specializes in organic, environmentally friendly skin care for sensitive skin. They are cruelty free and create products that don’t use common irritants like heavy fragrance, parabens and more (click here for the full list of ingredients they avoid).

To sum it up, Pai makes high quality skin care products specially designed for sensitive skin and to minimize enviromental footprint.

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Day 3: Milan

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Ciao from Milan!

I spent my second day here shopping for makeup. I visited Kiko Milano, Burberry, and possibly the coolest Sephora ever (except for the giant one in New York).

It had three floors. The ground floor was makeup. I noticed it had many more high-end brands than my local Sephora (Chanel, Dior, Armani and Guerlain) and didn’t have many of the mid end brands found in the states (Tarte and Anastasia Beverly Hills).

On the bottom floor there was skincare and perfume. Italians take their perfume seriously and that floor definitely showed that. There were displays showing Dolce & Gabbana as well as Armani and every other brand that sells perfume. For skincare, I recognized GlamGlow as well as the Sephora collection’s set of sheet masks.

On the highest floor there was a Benefit bar and a Make Up For Ever area as well for people to get their makeup done. It looked out over the front of the store in a super cool way, and there were chairs and snacks by the Benefit bar!

I bought a few things from Burberry and Kiko Milano (a brand I’ve never tried before so I’m super excited to test it out). Expect a haul post and reviews soon!
Ciao bella!

The search for the perfect red: Rimmel London

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I’m back with another batch of red lipsticks to test out.

For this test I tried a few reds from the Kate Moss lasting finish collection as well as two shades from the Only 1 matte collection.

From Kate Moss I tested 111, 107, 110 (creative names, right?).

From the only 1 matte, I tried 500- Take the stage and 120- Call the shots.

Let’s take a look!

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Day 2: Milan

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Ciao from the heart of fashion, Milan!

I spend the day shopping, swatching-

-not that kind of swatch (though my brother did get a watch there), and eating great food.

I started out clothes shopping, then I had lunch with my family and the Martini Bar (highly recommend).

I went to the Burberry store and swatches some of their lipsticks (expect some mini review soon!) and tried on many pairs of outrageously high heels (sprained ankle? what? no).

I ate at Nobu for dinner, and am now going to bed and attempting to over come the jet lag.

Ciao bella!


L’oreal Lash Paradise vs Too Faced Better than Sex

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I know I’m not the first beauty blogger to make this post (not by a long shot).

But I was really curious. After all, as a drugstore mascara skeptic, could this $10 mascara really replace the $23 icon?

Or maybe it was just a bunch of people saying “eh, it’s close enough.”

Either way, I was curious. BTS has been my go to mascara for full black lashes for a while now (I got it over the holidays), which was partly why I got Lash Paradise. I like to switch out my mascara after 6 months or so and I don’t like to have a ton of different mascaras open at one time.

So while I was still in the states, I searched for it at the drugstore.

No luck.

In Whistler (this was actually released in Canada first), I ran from drugstore to drugstore trying to figure out where I could find this.

In the end, I found it at a drugstore where the display for Lash Paradise was placed below a display for Maybeline Baby Lips. It wasn’t until my second visit to that store that I saw it. When I did, I grabbed it in the shade 200 Blackest Black, and bought it.

Would it measure up to the cult favorite Better Than Sex mascara? I was about to find out.

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Gone swatching: Tom Ford lips and boys

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During my layover in London Heathrow yesterday, I wandered over to swatch a few products (believe it or not, this is where over 50% of my gone swatching photos come from).

I chose to swatch some luxury products because- why not! I’m unlikely to actually buy Tom Ford, but it’s always fun to test out the products and see if they live up to the hype.

In the case of Tom Ford, it’s extremely hyped. I’ve tried a few things (my mom owns an eyeshadow palette, a bronzer, a lipstick, and an illuminator from him) and each time, I always feel like I can get something like it for cheaper. I’m not too much of a dupe hunter and most of the time I’ll settle for paying more, but in this case I never think it’s worth it.  Keep reading

Bella goes to Milan

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Ciao bella!

After a week in Whistler, a small town in British Columbia, where I spent the time getting this blog up and running (seriously, I spent the whole week doing that) I’m now moving on to Italy, and I’ll be posting from each area I stay.

First stop: Milan.

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