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June 2017

Gone swatching: Essence say no to redness

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I actually first heard about this when Jessica Braun (@jambeauty89) talked about this in one of her videos. She didn’t like it at all, but her explanation wasn’t very thorough so I was a little skeptical.

She can’t be right I though. How badly can you mess up a color corrector?

Turns out, the answer is quite a lot actually.

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Glossier cloud paint review

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When I logged on to the Glossier website, my goal was never to buy any makeup.

Yes, I’m being honest.

I was planning on buying their new sunscreen to test it out and review, and I also needed a new sunscreen that would work under makeup.

But when I got to the checkout, I noticed that the sunscreen was $35. And in order to get free shipping, I had to spend $40. Did the Glossier team do that on purpose? I’m positive they did.

Even though the shipping probably wasn’t that much, I added the cloud paint to my cart because why not?

I wasn’t disappointed.

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The matchup: Mauve lips

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Ciao, and welcome to the matchup, where I’ll be matching similar products. A note: this is not a dupes section, this is simply a place to find things that go well together, such as a matching blush and lipstick.

For this post, I’ve found the ingredients for the ultimate mauve lip:

  • A lip liner
  • A matte liquid lipstick
  • A lip gloss

All matching in color.

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The search for the perfect red: L’oreal

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Ciao! This time in my search for the perfect red lipstick, I though I’d check out what L’oreal has to offer. Once again, I’m judging these lipsticks by the criteria listed in this post.

From L’oreal I tested out three shades from their Color Riche line (I tried 297- Red Passion, 317- Ruby Flame, and 350- British red).

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Gone swatching: Essence matt matt matt lipstick

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Ciao! In this episode of gone swatching, I’ll be showing swatches of the Essence Matt Matt Matt lipsticks.

I’d heard many beauty bloggers talking about these lipsticks, so I headed to the drugstore to check them out myself.

Upon first glance, I thought none of the colors would work for me (an issue I had here) but after swatching them, I’m thinking of buying one.

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The search for the perfect red: NYX

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The first brand I searched for my perfect red lipstick was NYX, a brand that I’ve enjoyed in the past. I checked out shades from their soft matte lip cream line as well as the lip suede line. I’ve tried the soft matte lip cream before, but the lip suede is new to me. From the soft matte lip cream line, I’m looking at Amsterdam and Monte Carlo, and from the lip suede line I’m checking out Cherry Skies and Kitten  Heels.

I talked about the criteria I was going to be weighing the lipsticks by in this post, so I’ll go through by each category and talk about what I think of each lipstick. Keep reading

The search for the perfect red

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For the next few weeks on The Bella Edit, I’ll be documenting my search for the perfect red lipstick. I’ll be looking at brands from the drugstore as well as high end brands to find the red I think is truly perfect for me. I’ll be weighing the candidates on the merits of cost, packaging, scent, ease of application, shade, formula, pigment, wear time, and whether the item is limited edition. I hope you enjoy it!

To follow every update on this journey, click here.

Ciao bella!

Gone swatching: Tarte rainforest of the sea Color Splash Lipstick

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Wow that’s a long name.

Ciao! Welcome to another episode of gone swatching, where I’ll be swatching my favorite nude lipsticks from the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Color Splash lipstick collection. I haven’t bought any of them yet, but I’ve been eying the collection every time I visit Sephora. The marbled blue packaging is beautiful (yet a tad chunky) and I love the lipsticks!

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