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July 2017

Gone swatching: Clinique Cheek pop

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Quick note: Ignore the price tag in the photo above. This photo was text in Canada when these retail for $29 CAD. In the US, they’re $23 USD.

Today I’ll be sharing some swatches of the popular cheek pop by Clinique. I really love this blush! I’ve swatched 4 of the available 11 shades.  I couldn’t help but notice that each of these shades looked similar to Elf Blush palette in light. I’m not saying they’re exact dupes, but blended out on the face they might look very similar…

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Tarte Rainforest of the Sea eyeshadow palette review

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I online stalked this product for months (months!) before buying it.

And I haven’t regretted it.

I got this for my birthday back in February. The Volume 2 of this palette had just launched, but I passed on it because I felt like the colors were too harsh for me and I prefer natural looks more. The Volume 3 hadn’t launched yet, but I explain here why I won’t be getting that either.

This is honestly the perfect palette for me. There are two mattes which both blend so smoothly, and the shimmery shades are gorgeous with minimal fallout. What else can you ask for in a palette?

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Anti haul #1

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This is not (by any means) a new idea. In fact, one of my favorite blogs right now is The Anti Haul Blog, a blog dedicating to helping people fight consumerism. But I liked reading other people’s anti hauls, so I thought it’d be cool to do one myself.

The point of this anti haul is for me to explain what I won’t be buying, for a variety of reasons. Keep reading for a full list of products I’ll be passing on!

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Julep love your bare face oil review

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This was my first ever cleanser. Of course, I loved it when I first got it, but the real miracle is that I still really like it two years later. There’s not many things that I can officially say I’ve liked for over a year or for over two years, simply because my taste in makeup has changed so much.

Two years ago, my daily makeup included a shockingly white eyeshadow swiped all over the lid, a highlighter brushed onto my cheekbones and my temples, a clumpy brown mascara, and lip balm. Now, I don’t like or use all of those products and have removed them from my collection, keeping them only for sentimental reasons (except the mascara).

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6 Bold Lipsticks for Summer

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I never wear bold lipsticks on an everyday basis. My idea of a bold everyday lipstick is like a dark brown. Seriously.

But in the summer? I love wearing super bright shades, deeper shades, and all of the unwearable shades in my collection. Part of the reason is I don’t always want to put on a full face of makeup in the summer, so all I have to do is swipe on a bright lipstick (and maybe some mascara) and my face instantly looks more made up.

I also consider bright lipsticks to be my “confidence colors” or the colors I instantly feel better in. I love nude lipsticks, but nothing can ever replace the feeling of applying a shocking bright pink.

Read on to see my ultimate summer shades!

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Gone swatching: Burberry fresh glow highlight

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While I was in Milan, I did some swatching at a Burberry store. One of the things I decided to check out was the Burberry fresh glow highlight- a powder version of their popular fresh glow primer.

Like all Burberry products, the packaging was stunning, but I was curious. Does the product inside match the hefty price tag?

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RMS Living luminizer review

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This has a HUGE hype surrounding it.

For a reason.

I mentioned in one of my recent hauls here that I grabbed this first because it was the thing I’d heard of the most from RMS. Actually, as of the time of this post there is a quad exclusive to RMS (click here) with four different versions of the luminizer in it and it retails for $48. I’ve been eying it since I saw it teased on Instagram, but I’m on a no buy right now (and trying to declutter too).

So at $38, this clocks in as the most expensive highlighter in my collection, tied with BECCA Champagne pop (and it’s worth noting that Champagne Pop comes with nearly twice the amount of product). So is it worth it?

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The best brush cleaners

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To be honest, cleaning brushes is a hassle. Even though I have a small brush collection, it takes me about 30 minutes to an hour depending on how through of a cleaning I’m doing,

However, I’ve complied a list of my favorite cleaners- one for a quick clean and one for a deeper clean.

Let’s take a look!

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Smashbox Always on matte lipstick review

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Everybody in the internet world loved these when they launched. And (of course) people like them for one of the following three reasons.

  1. They got them for free.
  2. They like Lilly Singh and want to support her.
  3. Somehow, they legitimately like the lipstick.

I fell into category two. Lilly Singh was the first youtuber I ever watched consistently and I still really enjoy watching her videos.

Her lipsticks though?

Not as much.

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Downsizing my collection

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After 3 weeks of traveling while wearing simple makeup and only using stuff from my small makeup bag, I though I’d be excited to come home and utilize the rest of my collection.

Instead I was overwhelmed with how much makeup I have.

So I decided to go through my makeup and pull out two piles:

  1. Makeup that is bad and I don’t use because I hate the color/how it performs. This was a small pile.
  2. Makeup that is okay to great that I just don’t reach for because it gets lost in my collection. This was a bigger pile.

The makeup I determined was bad, I put away to be reviews and then given away/thrown out. The makeup that wasn’t given enough use, I put into a box to use over the next few weeks. Am I not reaching for it because it gets buried underneath other makeup? Am I not reaching for it because it doesn’t have a place in my collection? Am I not reaching for it because I have other products that duplicate this?

Time to find out!

I’ll be updating my experience with what I get rid of in the end. The things I’ve already gotten rid of (given to a friend) are…

-NYX soft matte lip cream in London (the color was awful on me)

-Julep eyeshadow 101 in Bronze shimmer (color looked bad on my skin tone).

Ciao bella!