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November 2017

Holiday gift guide: warm eyeshadow

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This season, warm eyeshadow has been the hottest item (pun intended) in the makeup world. This look has completely exploded, meaning there are so many different shades to choose from.

On this list, I’ll have an affordable one, a mini one, the original one, the popular one, the matte one, and the other one.

Also, bare in mind that there are many different types of warm eyeshadow.

  1. Bold, warm shades such as red, orange, and yellow.
  2. True warm shades, featuring lots of warm brown.
  3. Warm reds and pinks

I’ve tried to put in at least one of each type on this list.

Let’s check it out!

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Black Friday/cyber Monday deals (updating)

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This Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I’ll be updating this post with more information and deals regarding holiday sales for this weekend! Check back here for more information, or comment below if you’re interested in deals from a specific place.

You can click on the bolded name of each brand, and (if available) you can view all the posts I’ve made on that brand to see what my favorites, or least favorites are!

Check it out!
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism vs Subculture

Blog, The dupe test


So I got the change to compare two nearly untouched Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes– the highly controversial Subculture and the very new Prism. Thanks again to Melissa Korn again for letting me play with some of her palettes!

There were two things I was curious about regarding the two new palettes. First, I wanted to know if ABH changed the formula between the two palettes because of the backlash from Subculture. Second, I’m sure I’m not the only person who noticed how similar the two palettes were. One thing to note is that Prism was released with the holiday collection and is limited edition. If it interests you, pick it up quickly!

Let’s check it out!

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Test drive: The body shop Amazonian acai face mask

Reviews, Test Drive


I recently reviewed The Body Shop’s matcha green tea face mask (you can check it out here), and fell so much in love with it that I even included it in my September favorites. After that, I ordered some of the mini mask samples from The Body Shop’s website (they had a 3 for 2 deal on them) to test out the rest of the masks and I picked up some in store samples.

This was one of the in store samples, so no matter how hard I tried, I only had enough for one use. Keep reading to see my thoughts on it!

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Gone swatching: Bite beauty holiday collection

Blog, Gone swatching


In this post I’ll be swatching, reviewing, and calculating the actual value of all the holiday gift sets Bite Beauty has to offer this year.

As with all gift sets, Sephora offers a supposed “value” of the product you’re getting. While it’s easy to tell if that’s true with a couple of full-sized products, things get dicier when you’re dealing with minis, or minis of different prices.

To figure out the true value of a set, first I calculate the price per ounce (like in this post), and then multiply that by the amount of ounces in the kit. From there, I get the true value of the kit. More often than not (unless you’re Hourglass) the value of the kit is over the price of the kit, meaning you’re getting more value than you’re paying for, which is good. However, equally often, the value of the kit is under the value Sephora states, meaning it’s not as good of a deal as you think it is.

Essentially, I’ll be breaking down the makeup kits Bite Beauty has to offer this year based on their value, and providing swatches. Let’s get into it!

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October favorites

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This October, I’ve continued with my love of orange eyes, nude lips, and general enjoyment of pumpkins.  I’ve really been getting into the fall spirit this year, as I discussed in my fall makeup post.

I’ve continued my setup from last month of doing my makeup at a makeshift vanity (comment below if you’re interested in a full post on it), meaning I’ve been using palettes for weeks in a row. This is a great way to get a feel for a product, and it’s encouraged me to be more creative in getting different looks out of the same palette or mixing and matching palettes.

Keep reading to find out what I’ve been loving!

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