A few quick notes about the blog:

-Opinions will never be the same, so when I say I like something does not always mean you will.

-I am not liable if…

  • I suggest a product and you have a reaction to it/break out/otherwise have a poor experience. My thoughts are my opinions, not facts.
  • You don’t use products reviewed on this site in compliance with directions supplied by the company (ex. don’t eat any of the cosmetics, regardless of how good it smells).


  • All reviews on here are my personal opinion. Regardless of whether products are given to me for free, or if I pay for them I will give my honest view on whether they are worth buying.
  • If a post contains an affiliate link, it will be marked as such (most of my affiliates are through shopstyle collective) via a disclaimer at the end of the post (before the row of shop-able widgets). However, it is fair to assume that all links which redirect you to a page outside of my website are an affiliate link. If you have a question regarding whether a link is an affiliate, please feel free to contact me.
  • For an affiliate link, I receive a commission based on if someone either clicks on my link or clicks on my link and buys something. This is at no personal cost to whoever is buying anything, it just is a way for me to earn money to run this blog.
  • If a post contains product sent to me for free, it will be marked as such in the same spot as the affiliate link disclaimer.
  • No reviews on this blog are sponsored or commissioned by brands; I do not receive any payment for posts made here.
  • For the section of the blog called Test Drive, products will be either deluxe samples/free samples/gift with purchase. All of these will be purchased by me, or received with a purchase. I will explicitly note if they are not.
  • For the section of the blog called Gone Swatching, all swatches are taken by me in store (ex. Sephora). The multiple shades shown are available for anyone to swatch and are not given to me by a company unless stated as such.


  • All swatches and photos of product are taken by me on my camera. These photos are not in the public domain and if you wish to use them, please contact me. If I find you using my photos without my credit or permission, I will request you take it down.
  • Some clip art and photos are not mine. They either are in the public domain for commercial use, or they came with the theme I bought (Felicity by Georgia Lou Studios). If I am using your photo and you would like me to take it down, please contact me.
  • Lastly, some photos come directly from brands or press releases. If I use those, I will note the source of the image.

Makeup application talent

  • I am not a makeup artist, and all photos of me wearing makeup on this blog were applied by me. All tips/tricks I share have worked for me in the past and are not representative of what a real makeup artist might think.


  • I moderate all comments that are posted on this site. If you leave a comment and it isn’t posted immediately, give it some time. If your comment still isn’t posted, contact me.
  • If your comment was deleted/never approved, one of two things may have happened.
    • 1) Your comment was considered to be spam and automatically deleted by spam monitoring services. If you think this happened, please contact me.
    • 2) Your comment contained language/images that I considered inappropriate for this site. If you think this happened and your comment was wrongfully deleted, please contact me with an explanation of why it should be restored.
  • I request that all users please be kind when commenting on posts. I won’t delete posts that disagree with me, but I will delete posts that attack other users. If you have questions about this, contact me.
  • The comments on this site do not reflect the opinion of the user.

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