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This is not (by any means) a new idea. In fact, one of my favorite blogs right now is The Anti Haul Blog, a blog dedicating to helping people fight consumerism. But I liked reading other people’s anti hauls, so I thought it’d be cool to do one myself.

The point of this anti haul is for me to explain what I won’t be buying, for a variety of reasons. Keep reading for a full list of products I’ll be passing on!

1. KKW Beauty contour sticks

All personal thoughts about the Kardashians aside, I won’t be buying these for a variety of reasons and I knew I wouldn’t be when I first heard about them. First, I refuse to plan my entire day around buying makeup. I’m not going to wakeup at midnight to get access to a launch and I’m not going to have three devices set up trying to purchase makeup. No. The second thing is the price. These cost $48 (+$9 for shipping) setting you back about $57. That’s outrageous for any contour kit. My favorite contour powder comes from Tarte and has 1 powder contour, 1 cream contour, and 4 powder highlights and is $45. I also had the ability to test this in store before I bought it. My final issue with this is that there is a tiny amount of product in it and the blender part of the brush stick looks hard as rocks. Hard pass here.

2. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea volume three eyeshadow

This one was a hard purchase to talk myself out of. I have the first palette in this line (which may be my favorite palette of all time) and have been a little disappointed in how the new releases have progressed. I really didn’t like the second palette in this line because the colors seemed way too harsh, and now this one. I love the idea of it and the shades look pretty, but once you take away the beautiful packaging, you’re only left with a bunch of glitter that looks very similar when applied to the eye. No thank you.

3. BECCA liquid crystal glow gloss

I love BECCA, and I actually think the quality of this is amazing, but it’s just not for me. I got to swatch thing on my lips in store because I was the first person to use it, a first for me in a Sephora. I instantly regretted it, as the metallic finish made my lips look really odd. It seemed fine for applying over a lipstick, but I know I won’t end up using it so I’m going to pass on these.

4. Beautyblender swirl 

I have a post here about how much I love the original beauty blender, and that’s exactly why I won’t be buying this one. In each new version of the beauty blender, I see reviews about how it feels different from the original, and this one was no different. I’m also seeing tons of reviews about how their product looks nothing like the one advertised. I really don’t need this, so I won’t be buying. Just get the original!

5. RMS Luminizer X Quad

I already own the original Living Luminzer (review here) and I love it. However, I don’t need four versions of it. All highlighters in the world, look very similar when applied to your face and blended out (with the exception of colored highlighters). To have four in one palette that are all meant to give a natural glow seems redundant. I love the living luminizer and I’m looking at getting the champagne rosé luminizer as well, but I’m not going to get a palate full of luminizes that will look basically the same. Oh and guess what sealed my decision on this? RMS’s instagram where there was a post slamming companies for having highlights that look the same, with a photo of four highlights that look the same!

6. Too Faced Melted Latex lipstick

Like the contour kits, this was not a purchase I had to talk myself out of. I knew I didn’t want it from the very beginning. I liked Too Faced for a while, but their constant release of products with little to no regard for quality is beginning to annoy me. I swatched the Natural Love palette in store and was disappointed with how it compared to some drugstore eyeshadows I own. Some bad drugstore eyeshadows. This has 3 stars on Sephora and doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. I have three of the L’oreal infallible lip paints which seem very similar to this, except the L’oreal ones are amazing and half the price. Buy those instead.

That’s all for this anti haul! Comment below telling me what you won’t be buying.

Ciao bella!





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    July 16, 2017 at 11:54 PM

    Anything by Dior lol

    • Reply
      Sloane Bella
      July 17, 2017 at 9:01 AM

      Yes! Also anything by Tom Ford or Natasha Denona is way too expensive regardless of how good it might actually be.

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