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This August, I’ve been loving a nice mix of makeup. The funny part about this post is that only 2 of the 6 products I’ve picked out are new. The other few are some that I’ve had for a while and I’ve just now rediscovered.

Read on to see what I’ve been loving this August!

1. Whipped cream primer by Winky Lux {review}

At first I thought it was gimmicky and wasn’t interested, but over time I began to realize that I was reaching for it more and more. It does a great job of filling my pores and making my skin look flawless before I even applied any makeup. It has a matte finish, without being flat which is wonderful too! With this beneath, my other makeup goes on smoother, like my RMS un-cover up (swatches here). Finally (if it could get any better) it’s the cheapest primer in my collection at $19. I highly recommend picking this up!

2. Colourpop Yes Please Palette

Everyone with any kind of blogging platform is talking about this palette, and for a good reason. I picked this up recently and I’ve been loving it since. It has such stunning pigment and all of the shades blend really well. The shadows last all day, even on my incredibly oily lids. The colors are unique and pair well. I think this is one of the most innovative and well chosen palette in a long time.

The only downside is that the packaging gets super messy over time. It’s out of stock right now, but I recommend picking it up once it comes back in stock!

3. RMS living luminizer {review}

RMS has really become one of my favorite brands recently. This was the first product I’d ever heard about from them, and at first I confused it with the Rituel De Fille Rare light luminizer. This has slowly become my most used highlight– partially because of how easy it is to swipe onto my cheekbones and partially because of how subtle it looks on my face. I use this while traveling (because it means I don’t have to bring a brush or worry about a highlight breaking), I use it at home, I use it when I’m going out, and when I’m running late. It’s really a stunning product!

4. Benefit GALifornia blush

I bought this blush out of a vending machine.

(I think that sentence is hilarious).

I got this while traveling out of a Benefit vending machine that sold everything Benefit has to offer. I didn’t want to buy something I didn’t need, so I picked up a mini size of this beautiful blush I’d been wanting for basically forever. It didn’t have a sun imprint or a golden overspray, but I decided I could live with that and save $15. The mini is also much better for traveling.

The color is a bright coral pink that blends out to a lovely flush on my cheeks. It’s luminous without being glittery and it’s bright without making me look like a clown. The formula is very soft and buttery, which means it’s really easy to blend. It comes with the same classic brush as all the other boxed powders (like Dandelion, Hoola, Dallas, ect…) except a little smaller. I’ve also noticed that the brush is much better for applying blush then for contouring. Trust me on that one.

5. Urban Decay Vice lipstick in sheer rapture

I bought this lipstick close to year ago, and I love it. I’m really close to finishing it too– something that has never happened before. Seriously I’m almost down to the lettering that says “ud” on it.

This colour is everything I want in a lipstick. It’s mauve, sheer enough that it melds into my natural lip color, doesn’t catch on dry patches or pull on my lips, and it isn’t overly drying. It’s not exactly hydrating, but it’s really comfortable to wear. It’s been my go to lip color this month simple because of how easy to wear it is! For some reason, I forgot to include it in my favorite lipsticks post here, but I think it definitely deserves a spot on that list. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting the ultimate mauve lipstick!

6. Pacifica Solid Perfume in Tuscan blood orange

never wear perfume. Except, I found this hiding in one of my drawers and I realized how much I love it! It’s the loveliest citrus scent that was perfect for summer (although I’m definitely going to keep using it throughout the year). Because I’m bad at describing scents, here’s how Pacifica describes the perfume: In this delectable blend, juicy and spicy Blood Orange is offset with subtle Strawberry and Raspberry notes and grounded in fleshy Mandarin and Italian Sweet Orange. An orange connoisseur’s dream. It doesn’t last very long, but it’s solid so I can pop it in my bag for reapplying without any worry about it spilling everywhere.

What have you been loving this month?

Ciao bella!






*A note

Some of the products in this post were given to me for PR purposes through the company. 

This post contains affiliate links.

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