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I’m starting a new thing on my blog where I’ll be discussing my favorite and least favorite beauty news. All of it will be (mostly) recent and it will include new launches, new acquisitions, and controversy over products.

Let’s get started!


Colourpop is opening up their market to Sephora and potentially Ulta! Especially after their launch of concealers, this will be amazing for those who want to test their shade or simply try out colourpop products without paying for them. With glossier opening up their shipping to Canada (and London!) as well as their showroom in New York, it seems like smaller online brands are opening up their market. What does this mean for brands like morphe or sigma that are entirely online? Will they make a move to Sephora, or will they continue relying on hype?


Colourpop will only be available at select Sephora stores (meaning my local store is out) and not all of their products will be available at Sephora. However, Colourpop will be available online and it will be up by the holiday season!


There is a restock of the Colourpop Yes Please palette on this Thursday (August 10) at 10am PT. This time I’ll be sure to pick it up. Will you?


The Anastasia Beverly Hills subculture palette, the supposed sister of the modern renaissance palette has been in the beauty news a lot recently. People are claiming that the quality is awful and people are hitting pan by just swiping their brush, while others say the quality is amazing. If you want an unbiased review without any mention of the drama, Musings of a Muse has a great post here. She bought the palette herself too. The Makeup Breakup channel has a video on the formula here which I think is amazing and totally recommend checking out. The Anti Haul blog has a post on the drama (and only the drama) here where she mentions something I’ve been thinking about a lot. If Smashbox came out with this same palette, would people be as disappointed? Would people have as strong opinions?


Bite beauty launched liquid lipsticks (see swatches here) that are fantastic. I bought one in the shade caramelized that is absolutely stunning. The formula is beautiful and it lasts a long time! The packaging is also super cute and the applicator is perfect for application. Highly recommend these!


Companies are already releasing photos and sneak peaks of their various holiday collections. I’m the type of person that gets annoyed because the fashion “seasons” are so ahead of the normal seasons, so the teasing of holiday collections drives me crazy, especially since I rarely purchase them. The quality never seems to be great and the packaging tends to be bulky. However, the offerings from Hourglass and Becca looked pretty cool. What’s your opinion on holiday releases?


Glossier came out with their Wowder powder! It costs $22 and $35 if you want to buy their synthetic brush with it (the duo comes with a mini pink pouch for the brush). The Wowder also comes in three colors, because as Glossier put it: No one’s skin tone is HD white. There’s a fair/medium shade, a dark shade, and a deep shade. It’s great to see a brand releasing darker shades from the get go instead of waiting to release new shades like Laura Mercier. I haven’t bought this yet, but I plan to once I run out of my current powder from Kat Von D.


Glossier has changed their referral program (which I use) from 20% to 10% off. This means that the credit I receive has shrunk from $10 to $5. I’m not too upset about that, however I am annoyed that Glossier has made no effort whatsoever to inform anyone about it. I noticed this while I was writing a blog post then messaged Glossier on Instagram. The person who responded was incredibly nice, but I was still a bit annoyed that Glossier hadn’t tried to inform the various influencers with this link on their site or in their bio.


Too Faced is releasing a beautiful matte eyeshadow palette on August 31. This palette is full of peach, purple, and warm brown shades and it looks wonderful! I’m a little wary of the quality on this, so I’ll definitely test it in store before I think about buying it. It does look beautiful though, and it’s the thing I’m mostly likely to buy from their new collection.

What are your beauty rants and raves? Let me know!

Ciao bella!

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