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The day I bought this, I was shopping in Sephora with my friend. I’d been stalking BECCA’s Instagram for weeks, looking over each new post that depicted the beautiful palate and it’s accompanying sunlit bronzers. However, that day in Sephora I was headed for the checkout with a few miscellaneous items in my hands- an eyebrow pencil, a random lipstick, and a cream blush. I’d swatched the bronzers, but decided that $38 was more than I was willing to spend on a bronzer at that moment.

Then, I spotted this palate, set up in a gorgeous display right before I could access the checkout. I nearly dropped everything I was holding and ran over the swatch the beautiful colors.

“This is the best thing ever,” I told my friend.

Unconvinced, she shook her head. “You think everything is the best thing ever.”

“Not true!” I responded. A second passed. “Okay, sort of true, but this is amazing!”

She kept applying the eyeliner she was testing out.

Maybe it was the packaging that drew me in, or the stunning collection of shades, but I soon found myself saying “I’m going to go buy it,” and walking over to the checkout. Moments later, I was outside the store with the palate in my hands. I could hardly wait till I got home to photograph the stunning packaging and powders.

First, the exterior packaging. It’s incredibly reflective making it nearly impossible to photograph. However, there’s no arguing that its stunning.

Inside the packaging, you’ll find two things. The palette (of course) as well as a sample of their new primer: the First Light Priming Filter. I actually bought that primer about a month ago, so after photographing this sample, I passed it onto my friend for her to use. I think the primer is amazing for creating a glory base, and I hope to have a review up for it soon. I also love the packaging for the palate. The marbled pattern is beautiful and I also love the rose gold text imprinted on the top. The top is made of a sort of thick plastic, while the rest of the palate is metallic rose gold.

The palette is stunning. There’s a full-sized mirror that comes with a plastic slip over it that has the same print as the outside packaging. This removes easily, but I thought it looked cool so I left it on for the photo. There are no names listed by the shades, however on the back, it names all of the shades with their position on the palette.

Here is a closeup of Hibiscus Bloom (the blush, left) and Rose Gold (highlight, right). Hibiscus bloom is a gorgeous pink coral shade that looks quite shocking in the pan. However, I used a fluffy brush to buff it out onto my cheeks and it looked amazing. The powder is so smooth and it has a sheen to it, rather than chunks of glitter. This is part of the luminous blush collection (which typically retails for $34/.21 oz of product) however the shade Hibiscus bloom is limited edition and is only available in this palette. The next shade is Rose Gold, which is- well rose gold! I originally passed on this shade when I bought champagne pop because I though it would be too dark for me, but after trying it on my face I love it! After comparing this to champagne pop, I’ve determined that the highlights in the BECCA x Chrissy palette are a little more subtle than the single highlights. That’s not an issue for me, as I definitely have to be careful with how much I’m using of champagne pop or my face tuns into a disco ball. However, if you’re a person who really likes strong highlights, that may be something to keep in mind. This is part of the shimmering skin perfectos collection (which typically retail for $38/.28oz of product) and Rose Gold is not limited edition.

On the other side of the palette there is Malibu Soleil (the bronzer, left) and Beach Nectar (the highlighter, right). Malibu Soleil is an amazing bronzer that works great applied to my temples with a fluffy blush for simply warming up the skin, as well as under the cheekbones for a subtle contour. While I’m typically very weary of contouring with shimmery shades, this actually has very little shimmer so I don’t have any issues (gently) contouring with it. The powder blends out easily and fairly pigmented, however not as pigmented as the blush. This is part of the Sunlit Bronzer collection (which retails for $38/.25 oz of product), and the shade Malibu Soleil is limited edition and only available in this palette. On the right is Beach Nectar, and apricot gold that is actually what convinced me to buy this product. This is just as smooth and buttery as Rose Gold and blends out seamlessly on my cheeks. I occasionally use this as both a blush and a highlight because a) I can be lazy while doing my makeup in the morning and b) the shade works great as either on my skin tone. This is part of the shimmering skin perfecters collection (which retails for $38/.28 oz of product). Beach Nectar is limited edition and only available in this product.

Here’s a swatch of the primer with it being not at all blended on the top and more blended on the bottom. The purple tint is supposed to correct dullness and essentially “wake up” the skin. I love it a lot and find it pairs perfectly with any foundation I use. However, I would not recommend it for oily skin or people looking to minimize their pores.

Above I added in the swatches of each of the powders in this palette. All of them swatch really well and look beautiful. I would like to note that while Rose Gold and Beach Nectar look very similar in the photo, they look different when applied to the face.

My final thoughts are that this is totally worth the splurge. I think it works for fair to deep skin tones (though the bronzer may not work for darker tones) and it also works on the eyes. The powders are smooth and look stunning on the cheeks. This also works as an eyeshadow palette (though be careful using such a bold pink on the eyes). I would like to note that however much you feel inclined to do not travel with this palette. BECCA powders are notoriously prone to cracking/breaking and I’ve experienced this before as I watched in horror as my precious champagne pop dropped and shattered on the floor. I was able to put it back together though, so expect a post on that! Overall, this palette is amazing and I highly recommend both the primer that comes with and the palette itself.

Ciao bella!






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