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So I’ve decided to break this year’s favorites into five parts: best of 2017 face, eyes, lips, skincare and worst of 2017. First up are my favorites for the face!

I’ve tested out so many products this year that it’s really hard to write this post, both because I was introduced to many great products, and there are stunning products that I didn’t use for the full year. Keep reading to see all the stuff I loved this year for my face!


BEST PRIMER: Becca first light priming filter 

I bought this primer on an impulse back in May and am now almost finished with it. The packaging is luxurious and it’s the best primer I’ve ever used. I keep coming back to it, over and over. I like this so much, it made it into my September favorites!

It appears purple in the container, but it sheers out to a luminous base. Becca is really the best brand from glowy products, such as this one. It works well under every foundation/concealer I own, plus it’s color correcting properties instantly make me look more awake. I just use my hands to apply this all over my face.

BEST FOUNDATION: Charlotte Tilbury light wonder foundation in 1 fair

This wins best foundation because it is my only foundation, but hey, technicalities.

I apply this with a damp beauty blender all over my face for a glowing, natural look. This foundation is thin and liquid, and gives a smooth light coverage, which is what I like. It does have a scent to it, but that doesn’t bother me.

The packaging is also beautiful with the classic Charlotte Tilbury rose gold on the cap and a simple squeezy bottle. I really like this, especially for special occasions!

BEST CONCEALOR: RMS un cover up in 00

My new Glossier stretch concealer is pretty close too, but because I had this one for more of the year and like it a little bit better, this one it is.

I bought this back in May and have since hit pan on it from almost daily use. I like to apply this anywhere I need coverage then blend it out with the Tarte airbrush finish brush, like a foundation. It gives natural coverage without being too heavy on the skin and blends seamlessly. The packaging is pretty and sturdy. Also, RMS is a natural brand, which is great! This made it into my first ever favorites post, my June favorites.

BEST PRESSED POWDER: Julep Insta-filter powder {review}

I love this powder because it’s great for travel, and also smooth. It appears white in the pan, but is completely translucent on my face. There’s no flashback or white cast. Read the full review for everything I like about it!

BEST LOOSE POWDER: Kat Von D lock it setting powder 

I received this powder for my birthday, and it’s perfect for setting my face. It doesn’t fully mattify my skin, but instead leaves it satin. It helps my makeup stay on longer too! I don’t struggle with oily skin, but my skin does stay nice and dry all day with this on!

One tip thought: don’t travel with this. The powder all comes up from the lower section and creates a mess in the container. Otherwise, this is amazing!

Shop the complexion!


BEST CONTOUR: The Tarte tartist pro glow 

This was hands down my favorite contour set, both the powder and the cream. I received this last holiday after picking it out for the highlighters. Surprisingly, I instead fell in love with the contours. I used the Body Shop contour brush for both, which I was also a fan of. I only contour my cheeks, and I found this to be great for that.

The cream contour was perfect for me. I only need a little bit on my brush to sculpt my cheeks in a natural way. It blended great with only a brush and had no streakiness. It didn’t feel heavy on the skin and it (best of all) was not orange.

The powder contour is the best contour in my collection by far. I originally wasn’t that wowed by it, but it quickly became my favorite powder. It’s also highly blendable and the perfect color for me. I tested out many bronzing powders this year, but this is by far the best– not orange and not too grey.

BEST MATTE BRONZER: Benefit Hoola bronzer

When I first tried this out, I didn’t like it. I was trying to use it as a contour powder, which it was too warm for. However, as the summer started, it became the perfect way to warm up my face. I’ve continued using it into the fall for a daily bronze. This made it into my July favorites post; that’s how much I love it!

It’s a great color for me too. Unfortunately, it only comes in two shades: the light one I wear, and one even lighter. I’m really hoping Benefit comes out with some deeper shades too because the formula is great. It’s smooth and goes on evenly. I love applying it with the Julep bronzer brush.

BEST LUMINOUS BRONZER: Milani baked bronzer in dolce 

This was other summer fav of mine, as listed in my June favorites. It’s a great drugstore find, and it’s a really pretty product. Like the hourglass bronzers, it’s marbled. There’s no glitter to be seen, just a bronzy sheen that is flattering and lovely. It’s perfect for a summer glow!

The packaging is a little bulky, and it does come with a brush. I’m not a fan of the brush it comes with, so I just use the Julep bronzer brush for this too.

Shop the bronzers!


BEST CREAM HIGHLIGHT: RMS living luminizer {review}

This has quickly become my favorite go to highlighter. It’s almost colorless with only a silver sheen that’s bound to flatter most skin tones. I like to apply this over my cheekbones for a natural glow.

It glides onto my skin without being heavy, and it’s glowing without being obvious. This is perfect for a subtle glow, as I mentioned in my post on my favorite natural highlights. It was also mentioned in my August favorites, simply because I found it so easy to wear and to apply.

BEST NATURAL POWDER HIGHLIGHT: Tarte skin twinkle lighting palette

This highlight I completely fell in love with, both listed as an October favorite and one of my favorite natural highlighters.

The packaging is beautiful, and the formula is incredibly soft and buttery. The right and left shades (moonlight and sunlight respectively) are full highlights, while the middle shade is a satin powder that I use as a finishing powder occasionally.

All three are free from glitter. I like the use the Julep fan brush to apply them to my cheeks. For a stronger glow, the Charlotte Tilbury sculpt brush is another great option.

BEST BOLD HIGHLIGHT: BECCA shimmering skin perfectors

Ok, so the category is a little overstated. I wouldn’t say these are bold exactly, but they definitely aren’t subtle.

Throughout the year, I fell in love with a couple different BECCA highlights. I received Champagne Pop (shown above, right) for my birthday, which I later went to great lengths to fix after it crashed and fell. I picked up the BECCA x Chrissy Teigan palette in May, which later became my first ever blog review (which you can read here). Finally, I got Rose Quartz (above, left) for the holidays, which is now my favorite for its luminous rosy glow.

 These are really pretty highlighters. They give a metallic glow to my cheeks that, in moderation, gives my face a little extra pop. They aren’t glittery in any way. I compare every highlight I test to these in terms of formula. They truly deserve the hype.
Shop the highlights!

BEST LIQUID BLUSH: Glossier cloud paint {review}
This blush is so good, it made it into not one but two favorites posts. Puff (light pink) was in my June favorites, while dusk (light brown) was in my November favorites. As always, I’ll leave my link to get 10% off your order! I do receive a commission when you use that link, but it’s a great way for you to support the blog and get a discount on makeup!
I really like this blush because it looks really natural. I struggle a little with blending out powder blushes, which is why I was trying to find a cream/liquid blush that actually blended into my skin. Enter these, liquid blushes that I can blend, build, and mix, to my desired effect.
Dusk is a lovely brown that can be used as a subtle blush or a bronzer/contour. I also like mixing these with other amazing cream blushes I own, like the bite beauty multisticks and the lilah b. lip and cheek duos, to change the formula or color. I really feel like my own artist with these! I just use my fingers to apply them.
BEST MATTE BLUSH: Tarte Amazonian clay blushes
Once again, these blushes have made it into two favorites posts. Seduce is my favorite powder blush of all time, and I listed it as a favorite in October, while paaarty was a favorite in July, and a mini found in the Sephora birthday gift (review here).
The formula of these blushes is matte, but not flat, and also really smooth. The full size blushes come with a large mirror and are magnetic! If you wanted to, you can detach the pan from the container and place it in a magnetic palette. The packaging is also pretty and sturdy! I really like these blushes. I use the Julep blush brush to apply this.
BEST LUMINOUS BLUSH: Milani baked blush in luminoso 
Unlike the other parts of these posts, this award goes specifically to the shade luminoso, not the whole line. Not that there’s anything wrong with the rest of the line, but in my opinion, this shade is the best.
Milani is one of my favorite brands, drugstore or otherwise. It’s my favorite peach blush ever– everything from the color, to the smooth formula, to the finish of the blush, which isn’t sparkly, just glowy.
The packaging is a little bulky, and I don’t use the brush that it comes with. I just use the same Julep brush for this too. This also works on the eyes, for an extra peachy look! I really like this product.
Shop the blushes!

There are all of my face hits of the year!

Ciao bella!

*A note*

Some of the products in this post were given to me for PR purposes through the company. 

This post contains affiliate links.

Read more about my affiliate link/PR samples policy here.

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