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Ciao bella!

Welcome to the second post of my best of 2018 favorites: the face! I’ve already done a post on my favorite eye products here, and I’ll also be doing a best lips, skincare+hair, and worst of 2018. Keep checking my blog for more posts on my favorites!

Now onto the favorites!


BEST PRIMER: BECCA first light priming filter {swatch}

For the second time in a row, this is my favorite primer! This is the one and only time I’ve ever loved an impulse purchase. I bought it over a year ago and I’ve since repurchased it once, as I mentioned in this post. It’s technically a color correcting primer (due to the purple tint which “wakes up the skin), but it goes on glowy with no strong tint.

This is an expensive primer, but it takes a fair bit of time to run out of. Also, the packaging is really pretty and it comes with a pump (so it’s perfectly sanitary). I highly recommend this!

BEST FOUNDATION: Glossier perfecting skin tint

Let’s make one thing clear: this foundation is not for everyone. However, it’s the perfect foundation for me.

It’s sheer, it doesn’t cake or look heavy, and it’s perfect for evening out red spots on my cheeks, which is what I often use foundation to do. On the other hand, if you have acne scarring, severe discoloration, or other things, this might not be the foundation for you, as it is quite sheer. The word “tint” in the name is quite accurate. It tints the skin, but it doesn’t cover up much.

After long debating the purchase, I got it this summer while I was in New York. I immediately fell in love with it, because of the light, buildable coverage. The first time I put it on I did what I typically do for foundation which is a few dots on my face. Yeah, when I tried that, it blended away in about two seconds. I also recommend using a dense brush (like this one), not a beauty blender, which will soak up too much product. You definitely need more product for this, and it helps to also spot conceal with the Glossier stretch concealer, but I think it’s worth it. The finished look is dewy and seemingly effortless, and it takes less than a minute to do.

BEST CONCEALER: RMS un-cover up {swatches}

Ok, so this is a hard category to judge.

On the one hand, I also have hit pan on the Glossier stretch concealer, and I use that often like a stick foundation (I put it on my face, then buff it out with a brush). That concealer, which I swatched here has a creamier formula. However, if I’m going with my favorite concealer to cover up anything, this is it.

This is pigmented without being heavy, I can apply it without it looking obvious, and it blends seamlessly into my skin. It’s about light-medium to medium coverage (while the glossier one is light coverage) and it covers up everything from pimples to redness easily. I can either buff it out with a brush or my fingertips and it works either way. RMS products aren’t cheap, but they are well made and I like them a lot. Also, the products claim to be “clean” which is a definite plus if you’re into healthier makeup.

BEST POWDER: Julep Insta-Filter powder {review}

Here’s another panned product- this awesome powder by Julep!

When it comes to face powders, there are only two things I want. First, it should mattify my makeup and keep it in place, and second it should have no flashback. This does both, plus it comes in a cute compact and with a helpful applicator! I finally picked up the Julep Powder brush, which I now use to apply this, but the applicator it comes with it great for on the go touch ups. This is a really good high end powder for setting and perfecting makeup. I definitely recommend it!

Shop the complexion!


BEST POWDER BLUSH: Milani baked blush in luminoso

I mentioned this last year as well, and I still think it’s a beautiful blush. I first found it while searching for a dupe for NARS Orgasm blush which is also pretty, but it’s $30. Is this a dupe? Debatable, but it’s a pinky/peach blush with a soft formula that will look roughly the same on the cheeks.

To me, most powder blushes can be replaced by a cream formula that looks the same, or better. This is the only exception. There’s nothing I’ve found that replaces this peach blush, which pairs perfectly with a peach eyeshadow palette, like this one. This is also highly affordable at $8, and I think it’s excellent quality. It’s definitely the best blush available at the drugstore, despite the bulky packaging.

BEST LIQUID BLUSH: Glossier cloud paint {swatches}

I really like these. They are, by far, my favorite glossier product, and my most used blush. I reviewed them here, listed them as one of my favorite cream blushes here, and they’ve been in countless monthly favorites. The formula is so easy to blend and apply quickly. I can build them up or keep them subtle, and I can mix and blend the various colors to get the shades I want. Also, the packaging is super cute! Just be careful- they come out fast.

Of course this post would remiss without mentioning the Bite Beauty Multisticks, which I use alongside these almost every time I use them. The combination of the Glossier liquid and the Bite Beauty stiffer cream formula creates a perfect cream blush. So, if a liquid blush is a little too sheer for your taste, I recommend the multisticks to help balance it out.

BEST CREAM BLUSH: Olio e Osso cheek stick in no. 2

This is the easiest makeup product there is. It’s a lightly pigmented balm, which you can swipe on your lips or cheeks for a sheer hint of color. I especially loved this throughout the summer (hence why it’s in my July favorites) because it was light and gave a perfect flush to my cheeks. I know I’m listing this as a cream blush, but I also loved it as a lip balm.

The packaging is simple but functional, and the balm also has a light grapefruit scent to it. This is also “clean” makeup, as you can see from the ingredients above (it mosts uses Shea butter), and I’ve had no experience with breaking out because of it.

Shop the blushes!


BEST POWDER BRONZER: Benefit Hoola bronzer

This is another favorite from both this year and last year! It’s a super popular bronzer, but I can easily say it’s my favorite. It’s important to note that this is definitely a good bronzer, not a contour powder, as this is pretty warm and can occasionally look orange if you apply too much. The packaging is a little bulky, but I find it cute. This was a complete staple in my travel bag all summer.

The formula is smooth and applies evenly. In my post last year, I discussed how badly this line needs a darker shade, not a lighter one to be added to the line. Unfortunately, here I am a year later, still with no Hoola Dark. Hopefully next year this will still be favorite and there will be a more extensive line of colors to chose from.

BEST CONTOUR: Tarte Tartist pro glow

Again, this is my favorite contour palette. It’s obviously not an ideal palette- it’s $45, pretty heavy, for a palette, and it’s 2/3 highlights. However, I absolutely adore the contours (which are at the bottom of the palette). The highlights are pretty nice, and I definitely recommend those as well, but the highlight (pun intended) of this palette is the contour.

It comes with one cream and one contour. I’m not one for dramatic contour, so I use both of these very lightly with The Body Shop contour brush and blend them into my cheekbones. I don’t use these anywhere other than my cheekbones, so I can’t speak to the nose/chin/forehead contouring abilities. Both are cool toned, which makes them ideal for contouring. The cream is easy to blend, and the powder is also not overly obvious (provided you mattify whichever base you’ve put on).

BEST CREAM BRONZER: W3LL People bio bronzer stick

This is a slightly new purchase, so it feel a bit aggressive to include it in a yearly favorites, but I’m a huge fan of it. This is another “clean” product, so it’s great to use on the face. It’s certainly a warm bronzer, but it blends well without turning orange or looks streaky.

The packaging leaves some to be desired, but it’s functional, so I have few complaints. I really like this because when I travel, I take cream products (so I don’t have to pack brushes), and this is perfect for that. It’s small, it’s compact, and it’s a great natural product.

Shop the bronzers!


BEST POWDER HIGHLIGHT: BECCA shimmering skin perfecters

This has been another continued favorite of mine. I own a good selection of highlights, but these never fail to remain my favorites. The BECCA x Chrissy Teigan palette which was my first ever blog post (which you can read here) includes two of my favorite highlights: rose gold (light rosy shade) and beach nectar (peachy gold shade). I also own champagne pop (light gold, left, above) and rose quartz (ultimate favorite- light rose, right above).

The formula is creamy and pigmented. Sometimes I even use them on the eyes for a shimmery look. These highlights are on the brighter side, so I like to use a fan brush to apply them for a softer look. While these are on the expensive side, they’re absolutely beautiful, and my go to powder highlight.

BEST CREAM HIGHLIGHT: RMS BEAUTY living luminizer {review}

This is my most used highlighter all year, without a doubt. I’ve come close to hitting pan on it now because I use it almost every day. It’s just a light shimmery highlight, but it gives my cheekbones a beautiful glow in seconds. I used this all year round, and it remains the best highlight I own. It’s my favorite RMS product, and I can’t recommend it more.

Shop the highlights!

Those are all of my favorite face products for the year! I have a fair amount that are similar to last year, which shows that they truly are favorites, not just the latest “in” products. Are any of your favorites mentioned above?

Also, I have a few discount codes for the products mentioned above. For all of these, I receive a credit from the brand, which I use to put towards new makeup for the blog! For 10% off Glossier, I have a discount link here. For RMS click here to get $15 off a $75 order

Ciao bella!

*A note

Some of the products in this post were given to me for PR purposes through the company. 

This post contains affiliate links.

Read more about my affiliate link/PR samples policy here.

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