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Smashbox Color Corrector review

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I bought this about nine months ago, when I got my Beautyblender (review here) and the Smashbox Contour Sticks (review soon).  I’d seen some review of this somewhere (probably on allure which was my only beauty intake at the time) which was positive, so I saw it in store and decided to get it in the shade get less red (green).

At the time I…

A) didn’t have a lot of spots to cover

B) was using a more high coverage foundation than I use now

C) loved it.

All three of those things have changed.

I now use the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation (shade 1 Fair), have more red spots on my face to cover, and strongly dislike this color corrector.

It’s not as bad as the Essence one (swatch and short review here) but I think it’s unusable for other reasons.

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Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick review

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Ever since I heard about Bite Beauty, I knew I really wanted to try one of their lipsticks. However I was tentative of buying yet another nude lipstick or another light pink. I wanted something different.

I didn’t want something as much of a statement as kale or as bold as kimchi. I wanted (as Bite Beauty put it) and edgy neutral.

The Edgy Neutrals line is a collection of the Amuse Bouche lipsticks featuring eight “nude” shades ranging from Honeycomb (a beige nude) to Molasses (a rich toffee). This line was clearly designed with a range of skin tones in mind, so if you’re someone who struggles to find a nude lipstick that works for you skin tone, then I would suggest trying out a shade from this line.

I picked out Cava, which is a wearable lilac named for the Spanish sparkling wine.

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Glossier cloud paint review

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When I logged on to the Glossier website, my goal was never to buy any makeup.

Yes, I’m being honest.

I was planning on buying their new sunscreen to test it out and review, and I also needed a new sunscreen that would work under makeup.

But when I got to the checkout, I noticed that the sunscreen was $35. And in order to get free shipping, I had to spend $40. Did the Glossier team do that on purpose? I’m positive they did.

Even though the shipping probably wasn’t that much, I added the cloud paint to my cart because why not?

I wasn’t disappointed.

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BECCA x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette review

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The day I bought this, I was shopping in Sephora with my friend. I’d been stalking BECCA’s Instagram for weeks, looking over each new post that depicted the beautiful palate and it’s accompanying sunlit bronzers. However, that day in Sephora I was headed for the checkout with a few miscellaneous items in my hands- an eyebrow pencil, a random lipstick, and a cream blush. I’d swatched the bronzers, but decided that $38 was more than I was willing to spend on a bronzer at that moment.

Then, I spotted this palate, set up in a gorgeous display right before I could access the checkout. I nearly dropped everything I was holding and ran over the swatch the beautiful colors.

“This is the best thing ever,” I told my friend.

Unconvinced, she shook her head. “You think everything is the best thing ever.”

“Not true!” I responded. A second passed. “Okay, sort of true, but this is amazing!”

She kept applying the eyeliner she was testing out.

Maybe it was the packaging that drew me in, or the stunning collection of shades, but I soon found myself saying “I’m going to go buy it,” and walking over to the checkout. Moments later, I was outside the store with the palate in my hands. I could hardly wait till I got home to photograph the stunning packaging and powders.

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