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This month I received a bunch of new products, mainly for the holidays. I’ve been really happy with all of the new things!

Most of these are either for the lips or the face, a nice change of pace from last month’s eye heavy favorites post. This post also includes my first ever nail favorites! Keep reading to see what I loved this month.

1. BECCA shimmering skin perfecter in rose quartz 

I ordered this the day after it rereleased, which was a move that was a little unlike me. I rarely buy things right after they come out. However, I’d wanted to pick this up last holiday, only to discover that it had gone out of stock. So I ordered it off the BECCA website (and also got this foundation as a sample, which I reviewed here) and got it for the holidays.

After being a little on the fence about this, I’ve now completely fallen in love with it. The formula is beautiful, like all BECCA highlights, and the color is I think the most flattering highlight I own. The rosy color is stunning on my cheeks, without being too over the top. Just for reference: yes, this shade is significantly different than the permanent shade rose gold. Rose gold is more coppery and darker, while rose quartz is light and pink. You can see swatches of both in this Instagram post, and buy rose quartz here! I also included this in my favorites of the year.

2. Julep so plush lip gloss in vibes 

I got a bunch of the new Julep lip glosses for the holidays and this one is my favorite out of them all. I had high hope for the formula, though to be honest I wasn’t sure what Julep could improve on from their other line of lip glosses. I’m a huge fan of those, mainly because they’re intensely hydrating and pigmented.

These new glosses are almost like oils. They aren’t sticky in the slightest; instead they glide onto my lips. Vibes in particular is a lovely nude on me that just makes me look completely pulled together in less than a minute. I’ve been wearing this every time I need something quick and easy to wear.

3. Lilah b. divine duo lip & cheek 

I got this sample with a recent haul from Sephora, and though I wasn’t initially pleased it, because I hadn’t ordered it, I quickly fell in love after I used it.

Because this sampler contains multiple shades, I like to mix them for the perfect blush shade. B. real (top) is a light peach, b. fearless (middle) is a classic red and b. sassy (bottom) is a bright pink. I haven’t used them on my lips yet, just on my cheeks.

The thing I like most about these is how they sit on the cheeks. It gives my face a lovely flushed look, without being too bold. It blends smoothly without any streakiness. I’ve been using my Laura mercier concealer brush to apply them and the tarte airbrush finish brush to blend it out.

If you like this, there are a couple ways to get it. If you want b. sassy specifically, it’s only available here on the lilah b. website. I have a discount code: REFXDRZBHVKV4 for 15% off your order! I do receive a commission if you use it, so it’s a great way to support the blog!

If you want to buy any of the either two, look for the link below at the end of the post to buy from Sephora. Finally, if you want to buy the sample I got, you can get it off the lilah b. website for free, and just pay for shipping here!

4. Bite beauty multistick in mauvember 

This was created to support the Movember foundation in November and is still in stock! I loved the liquid lipstick for November (and I mentioned it in my favorites) but this month I loved the multisticks.

Bite beauty’s multisticks are meant to be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks. I used mine mainly as a cream blush (yes, another cream blush for this month). It is a pigmented formula, so I like to apply some to my fingers, warm it up, and then apply it to my cheeks. I also learned I could mix it, specifically with the Glossier cloud paints (review here) to change the formula and the color.

Even though it was dark, this added a really pretty flush to my cheeks.

5. KL polish lips and tips set 

I got the lips and tips set from Kathleen Light’s new nail polish brand for the holidays, and am currently in the process of trying to swatch them all. I really like this kit though. I bought the kit, so it came with a colourpop satin lipstick (in Alyssa), which I like too.

I think it’s an awesome idea to match your lips and tips, and I’ve been on the hunt for some fun nude shades to wear, so I’m really happy with this! The full set is luckily still in stock, but you can also buy the individual shades here.

That’s all I’ve been loving this month! Stay tuned for the rest of my yearly favorites.






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