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When I logged on to the Glossier website, my goal was never to buy any makeup.

Yes, I’m being honest.

I was planning on buying their new sunscreen to test it out and review, and I also needed a new sunscreen that would work under makeup.

But when I got to the checkout, I noticed that the sunscreen was $35. And in order to get free shipping, I had to spend $40. Did the Glossier team do that on purpose? I’m positive they did.

Even though the shipping probably wasn’t that much, I added the cloud paint to my cart because why not?

I wasn’t disappointed.

The first thing I noticed was how small the tube was. Online, the site told me there was only .33 oz/10 ml of product in the tube, but I never thought it’d be that tiny! Things always look much bigger online for me.

The cloud paint comes in a small clear box with a window on one side and a list of ingredients on the other. And of course, the brand name is inscribed into the side.

The packaging is so cute! I love it. According to glossier, it’s based off the design of real paint, like the kind artists use. I also thinking the name is awesome, and of course I couldn’t resist taking the cloud paint ft. actual clouds photo. Look at me, being all artsy.

Ok, so we’ve determined that the packaging is cute, the name is catchy- but here’s the real question: is the product inside any good?

Because as hard as it is to say, packaging isn’t everything.

Fear not though, because this is amazing. For me, liquid blush is the best way to wear blush because it blends into my skin instead of sitting on top of it. This is the best because it blends into my skin seamlessly for the perfect natural flush.

This is my go to blush to wear an a daily basis. And the best part is that I don’t need a blush or applicator to put it on. All I have to do is squeeze a little onto my fingers and pat it onto my cheeks and then I’m done in five seconds.

I also don’t find this sliding off partway through day (though I don’t have oily skin) and I can’t feel the weight of this on my skin (like I can with some RMS products).

Puff is a light pink that is perfect for my skin tone, but might look a little ashy on darker skin tones. Actually, there’s only one color designed for deep skin tones (haze).

Here’s the thing about this swatch. I don’t own this shade. But one of my friends does and she let me borrow it to take some photos and test it out.

This color is perfect for a rosy cheeked looked and it blends just as well as puff. If anything it’s a little more liquidy, but I love it too!

My final comment is this: I can’t recommend this enough. It’s only $18 and so worth the money.

Also, guess what!

I have a special affiliate link that gets you 10% off your first glossier purchase! To be completely transparent, yes I get a credit when you buy with it, but I get to use that to buy more products to review here! It’s a simple way for you to support this blog (and get 10% off!). Just click here to get your 10% off!

Finally, there’s a code you can use to get two of the cloud paint blushes for only $30! Use the code 2BLUSH at checkout and get $4 off your purchase!

Ciao bella!






All products discussed in this post were purchased by me.

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