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So this post is long overdue, mostly because none of my packages arrived at the same time. Essentially, these are just my purchases from November. Because I’ve been using all of them for a week (at the least) this will be a haul with my current opinions of the product!

I placed orders from Sephora during their VIB sale, Colourpop during their buy one get one free eyeshadow sale, and Glossier…right before a sale (because I didn’t think ahead).

Let’s go!

Part I: Colourpop

I’m super happy with my Colourpop order.

I picked up five pressed powder shadows in high strung, silver lining, pinkie promise, come and get it, and double date. I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t a fan of the previous ones I picked up for Halloween, I wasn’t a fan of.

But these? These I absolutely love, so much that they made it into my monthly favoritesDouble date, silver lining, and high strung were the purpleish shades I was searching for, and come and get it and pinkie promise sort of snuck into my cart.

I’ve been using the purple shades with my go to matte shadow, Kiko Milano 46 wet and dry shadow, and come and get it is the ultimate lid shade for the Too Faced Peachy mattes. It’s a gold/pink duo chrome that’s absolutely stunning. I’ve been using pinkie promise all over the lid for a more nighttime look and it’s such a stunning color.

I also picked up weenie from the super shock shadow line, which I haven’t actually used yet. All I can say is this: do not apply it with a brush because you get like .1% of the potential color payoff.

Finally, I grabbed the smaller magnetic palette which I loved so much, I placed another order a week late to fit my colourpop and Kiko Milano pressed shadows. It’s sturdy and well magnetic, and there’s not much more I’d want in a magnetic palette. I totally feel like these aren’t talked about enough. It’s so much nicer looking and stronger than a Z-Palette!

Part II: Glossier

This order’s a little confusing because not everything was for me.

For my mom, I picked out the Glossier perfecting skin tint in medium and the stretch concealer in medium. Thus far, she’s enjoying both for their light coverage and natural look on the skin.

I picked up one and a half replacements: the boy brow in brown (see swatches here), because my old one was completely dead, as well as the stretch concealer in light. This counts as a half replacement because I am close to finished with my amazing RMS concealer in 00, and wanted to compare it to the glossier one before I ran out.

Right now, I’ve been using the glossier concealer all over my face and buffing it out with this brush, then using the RMS concealer for a bit of extra coverage in places I need it. I can actually use the glossier concealer under my eyes without creasing or it looking cakey, which is impressive!

I also grabbed the cloud paint in dusk, just because. You can see a full review on the glossier cloud pains here (spoiler alert: I love them). I really enjoy this shade, and it made it into my monthly favorites too!

For samples, I received the Glossier You fragrance and the priming moisturizer. I’ve already reviewed a sample of the moisturizer here, so you can check out that post for my detailed thoughts on it. Overall, it think it’s a solid meh. There’s nothing special, but it’s not bad. As for the fragrance, I’m not super impressed either. It smells strongly of rubbing alcohol, which makes sense because the first ingredient is alcohol. I’m not very knowledgable on perfumes, but there’s got to be better ones than this.

Part III: Sephora 

This is a little tricky to explain, because I bought a couple things for me, one thing for me– but I’m not opening it until the holidays, one thing for someone else, and one thing my mom bought on my account.

Shown above, are the things for me.

I picked up the bite beauty mauvember shades, both the multi stick and the liquid lipstick. The liquid lipstick also made it into my favorites, however I haven’t used the mutistick enough to know my full opinion. It looks lovely on the cheeks, but I recommend warming it up with the pads of your fingertips first. Both are beautiful mauve shades.

As for the samples…well I’m not thrilled. I specifically picked out samples but received none of the ones I wanted. I specifically didn’t want perfume because I don’t like or use perfume, so I’m a little disappointed.

I haven’t tried any of the above products, but I’ll list them below if you’re interested.

Skin Laundry gentle foaming face wash (x2)

Drunk elephant c-firma day serum

Angel by Theirry Mugler

Lilah B lip and cheek duo (3 shade sampler)

I just realized that none (except for the $20 face wash) are below $40, so I’m a little less disappointed. Also, to follow up why I don’t use perfume, check out the price tag on Angel. There’s no way a bottle of scented stuff is worth almost $200!

The following things I purchased for (in order): me, but I won’t receive it until the holidays, my mom, or my mom purchased it to try it out.

Bite Beauty champagne discovery set

Bite beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick in spiced plum

Dyson x Ouai hair dryer

Overall, this was a highly successful haul! I’m sorry for the late posting; the combination of rainy days (I can’t photograph products) and busy days (I don’t have time) has created a lack of posts. I’m trying to catch up!

What have you purchases recently?

Ciao bella,





*A note

All products discussed in this post were received with a purchase/purchased by me.

This post contains affiliate links.

Read more about my affiliate link/PR samples policy here

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    December 10, 2017 at 7:22 AM

    I love Colourpop makeup! Especially their eyeshadows and lippie stix are amazing 🙂

    • Reply
      Sloane Bella
      December 10, 2017 at 10:19 AM

      Me too! I’ve been happy with almost everything I’ve ordered from them, especially the Yes please palette.

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