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While in New York, I got to swatch a ton of new releases at the giant Sephora in midtown. I was really interested in these because Anastasia Beverly Hills seems to be the unofficial queen of cheek products, but they have yet to introduce a blush.

I was really happy with the colour selection in these. A lot of times, blushes completely ignore deeper skin tones, but there are plenty of deeper and brighter blushes. Let’s check it out!

Cocktail party is either designed as a blush kit for deeper skin tones, or a contour kit for lighter skin tones. However, it could be tricky for a shade like babe to work on dark skin tones, so I’m not quite sure who the target market is here.

Vegas is a cool brown shade, scorching is an electric peach shade, and babe is a baby pink shade. I like that this palette has a nice diversity of shades so you aren’t buying identical blush shades. However, the colors seem quite bold and I wouldn’t recommend this for a beginner.

Pink passion is full of beautiful shades, and looking at it I completely want to buy it. But here’s the truth. The reason all those shades appeal to me is because I have them in my collection. All three of those will show pretty much the same on the face without much difference between them. I think you could easily buy one beautiful blush you’ll love and wear for $30 instead of 3 that look the same.

Basically is a stunning rose (imagine if Urban Decay rapture lipstick was a blush) and it’s the shade I’m drawn to the most. Sugar is a classic pink that’s similar to babe but a little rosier. Rose is… well rose! This reminds me the most of the Tarte blush in birthday suit (review and swatches here).

This is the palette that appeals to me the most because there’s something about peach blush I just love. Milani luminoso blush is one of my go to’s for any look. I completely have “types” when it comes to makeup: rose taupe eyeshadow (more on that here), mauve lipstick, pink pearl highlight and peach blush. It’s just what I love! I also like this palette because all of the shades look distinguishably different.

Nectarine is a subtle peachy-nude, ginger is a rusty orange (this could be an awesome eyeshadow!) and Miami is a neon orange.

This palette seems like it would be stunning on deeper skin tones. All of the colors look different, and they look interesting! I’d totally wear this palette on my eyelids, but the colors are too dark for my cheeks.

Velvet is a deep berry shade, Exotic is a raspberry shade (the prettiest of the three in my opinion), and desert is a darker peach shade.

This trio had the worst pigmentation of them all. All of the shades swatched really sheer and didn’t build up that well.

Blank is a matte brown, patent is a lavender shimmery pink like in the E.L.F. blush palette (review and swatches here), and cash is a matte peach.

Overall, I think these trios are okay. Pink passion feels particularly uninspired, while cocktail party has colors that just don’t work together. The formula of these is quite smooth, but also powdery and a bit sheer. Since the launch of these, I haven’t really heard anyone talk about them and I’m beginning to understand why. There are so many better blushes on the market (like any of the ones I linked in this post) and I would recommend those over these. The only trio that I think the formula is worth checking out is berry adore ;p[because of it’s shimmery shades. Those are quite buttery and nice, unlike the mattes which I found chalky. In short: avoid any of the mattes, and maybe check out the shimmery shades.

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