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Ciao bella! In this episode of gone swatching I’ll be checking out the (relatively) new lipstick and liner from benefit cosmetics.

Now when I first heard about this I thought it was a neat idea, but I couldn’t help but wonder this:

Had the person who designed this actually tried it?

Here’s the reason for my thought behind that.

a) while I’m well aware of the issue of finding a matching lipstick and liner (that’s why I invented the matchup), and I’m also aware that once you find the perfect pair, you have to carry them both with you to reapply, but is the solution really to smash them both into the same lipstick?

b) Once they’re smashed into the same lipstick, is there any way to keep them separate? You’ll be using the far side of the lipstick area and the far side of the liner area until you’ve shaved down that area and there’s only a weird middle section left.

c) If, hypothetically this solved problem a maybe it could be worth it (maybe) but it doesn’t. The lipstick and liner color are so different that it’s almost as if the goal was to create an ombre lip (which if that’s your goal, by all means get this). The colors pair well, but they don’t match most of the lipsticks, therefore defeating the purpose that would cause most people would buy the product.

d) Lastly, the colors are bad. Yes, this is a legitimate concern. When it comes down to it, I’ll never buy a great formula for bad colors. I’ve actually had this same issue with the Burberry liquid lip velvet where I really liked the formula and the packaging, but none of the shades worked for me so I passed on it.

Now do you understand my issues? While Lusty rose (*shivers* I hate the names too) and juicy berry seem to match the liners pretty well, and the shades are pretty good, the other two don’t come close to matching the built-in liner (for reference, these are swatches with the lipstick on top and the liner on the bottom). Criminally coral is leaning into neon-coral territory (which is not something most people want on their lips) and pink thrills is an odd mish-mash of Barbie pink and a pretty berry color. Once again, I think all of these would look amazing- as an ombre lip.

The colors only get worse here. Fuchsia fever is a neon pink, which is completely unwearable for most people. Reved up red is a red that leans a little orange, and actually does a good job of having a matching liner and lipstick. Flame game was probably the weirdest one I tried. First- the color. Of all the people I’ve ever met in my life and all the different makeup styles they have, I’ve never met anyone who wears neon orange lipstick. Coral, yes or apricot shades, also a yes but neon orange is a hard pass for nearly all makeup wearers. It’s simply not flattering on everyone. Secondly, the liner in this was sheer in an odd way that defeats the whole purpose of using it as a liner. Lastly, nude scandal. This shade is a dusty rose that I might actually wear if it wasn’t for all the previously mentioned issues with the lipstick.

The only people I would recommend this for is someone looking to create an ombre lip style, for which I think this might work. The “liner” doesn’t actually have a liner like formula, it feels more like an extension of the lipstick, once again making me think it would work to create a two toned lip.

For anyone trying to create a normal lip look, I would stay far away because…

a) it’s unlikely you’d even find a color that works for you (in true benefit style not recognizing deep skin tones, there’s only one real nude),

b) the lipstick and lip liner colors range from perfect to vastly different,

c) the formula is the same for the lipstick and the lip liner,

d) it’s simply not functional.

So take my advice and avoid this if you ever see it in a store.

Ciao bella!






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