Gone swatching: Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche liquified lipsticks

Gone swatching


In my opinion, Bite Beauty can do no wrong. I love their Amuse Bouche lipsticks (review here), and I’ve also recently tested out their whipped cherry lip scrub and their priming stick. I typically don’t use either of those things because I can easily make a lip scrub myself and I get lazy when lip looks require multiple steps because that’s hard to apply on the go.

However, in the time I’ve tested those items out, I’ve loved them. Bite beauty products are all natural which is great especially for a lipstick company because I care most about how natural products are if they’re on my lips.

I was at the Bite Beauty lip lab in New York (post on that soon!) while I was there last week where they had the entire Amuse Bouche liquified lipstick for sale and to test. I, of course,  jumped at the chance to swatch it all took photos to share with all of you!

First up are the nude(ish) shades. Continuing with the food theme from the original Amuse Bouche lipsticks, these all have food related names. There doesn’t seem to be any order to naming of the lipstick because some are food items and some are cooking techniques.

Éclair is a beautiful pink shade that’s one of the lightest ones in the line. I tried this on my lips and loved it! It has subtle lavender undertones that looks incredibly flattering on most people.

Chutney is a darker mauve brown that’s stunning and also too dark for me.

Demi-glaze is much darker and is a deep deep brown shade. Also beautiful, but not a color I would wear.

Whip is the lightest of light shades. This is also not for me because my lips are quite pigmented and shades this light will wash them out. This is intended for people with super light skin and light lips.

Carmelized looks very similar in the photo, but it’s actually darker and more brown toned while whip is beige. I bought this one, so expect a review soon!

Now for the deeper, brighter shades!

Marsala is a stunning plum shade. This will look beautiful on people with deeper skin tones and as a bolder color for people with light skin tones.

Supreme is one of those shades I just love. It’s a raspberry shade that I like because it reminds me of my all time favorite lip gloss: the shade radiant from the Julep gloss menagerie.

Candied is a candy apple red. It’s pretty and light without the boldness of a fully bodied red (think Mac ruby woo).

Infuse is quite similar to Marsala except infuse is more brown toned. However, I think they’re similar enough that you shouldn’t buy both.

Purée is a burnt orange brown that would look beautiful with the newly released Urban Decay heat palette (swatches here).

Flambé is a true orange. This color is so not meant for me, but I admire those who can pull it off.

Braised is like a lighter version of infused with more mauve undertones.

Overall, I love these. The formula is true to that of a melted down lipstick and it glides onto my lips so smoothly. It’s also extremely hydrating. These are incredibly pigmented and not at all streaky. I can’t speak for how long they last on the lips, but these were difficult to get off my hand when I swatched them. The scent is the same soft citrus as the Amuse Bouche lipsticks. Keep in mind that the scent is pretty strong and doesn’t go away upon application.

The packaging is similar to the NARS matte black rubber, however (thus far) it doesn’t seem to gather dust and dirt the same way the NARS packaging does. The applicator is a slanted flat applicator that is great for smooth application.

Bite knocked it out of the park with these. I can’t recommend them more!

Ciao bella!



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