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In this post I’ll be swatching, reviewing, and calculating the actual value of all the holiday gift sets Bite Beauty has to offer this year.

As with all gift sets, Sephora offers a supposed “value” of the product you’re getting. While it’s easy to tell if that’s true with a couple of full-sized products, things get dicier when you’re dealing with minis, or minis of different prices.

To figure out the true value of a set, first I calculate the price per ounce (like in this post), and then multiply that by the amount of ounces in the kit. From there, I get the true value of the kit. More often than not (unless you’re Hourglass) the value of the kit is over the price of the kit, meaning you’re getting more value than you’re paying for, which is good. However, equally often, the value of the kit is under the value Sephora states, meaning it’s not as good of a deal as you think it is.

Essentially, I’ll be breaking down the makeup kits Bite Beauty has to offer this year based on their value, and providing swatches. Let’s get into it!

Champagne Discovery Set ($35) 

This is the set I’m most interested in purchasing. It comes with a full sized lip pencil in cashew, a full sized multistick in cashew, and a full sized prismatic pearl lip gloss in champagne. Those are all products I’ve been wanting to try for a while, and the colors appeal to me, so I’m likely to buy this one.

Sephora values this at $65. Added the multistick, the gloss, and the lip pencil add to $64. Where did Sephora get that extra dollar from? Who knows. Either way, I say that the price is close enough, and the value on this set is great. I haven’t purchased any of the products, but I liked the way they swatched on my hand. None of these shades are new or limited edition.

Limited edition Amuse Bouche lipstick in spiced plum ($26)

It’s really fun to see holiday collections centered around the holidays. It seems with the barrage of holiday releases lately, the actual holiday part has gotten lost. Many releases have little to do with the holidays, and are more often sampler’s of the brand’s best selling products or giant kits of makeup (*ahem* Too Faced *ahem* Tarte).

But not with this lipstick.

When I see this color (aptly named spiced plum) I hear Christmas carols in my ear, and I’m thinking of snow and candy canes. It’s a beautiful metallic plum that just screams winter to me. It also comes with the same cap as the bespoke lipsticks made at the Bite Beauty lip lab (read about my trip here). I think this would make a great gift for the holidays (or a great item for your wish list).

I have tried the Amuse Bouche formula before (review here) and I love it.

The Perfect Bite: Amuse Bouche lipstick set ($25)

This kit is an adorable quartet of four bestselling Amuse bouche lipstick shades. It comes with mini versions of honeycomb, sugarcane, cayenne, and rhubarb, as well as a “giftable tin.” Unfortunately, this kit doesn’t cater to all skin tones, and doesn’t introduce any new shades.

Sephora claims this has a $59 value. Is that true?

The full size Amuse Bouche lipsticks cost $26 for .15 oz, making them $173/oz. This kit comes with (total) .2 oz of product, meaning this has a value of $34.60.

This means that either Sephora’s overstated by $24.40, or they’re pricing the tin the lipsticks come in at that amount.

I think this is still a good deal because you’re getting $8.60 more of product then you’re paying for, and you get to sample four different shades for less than the price of 1. Just keep in mind that the value is less than Sephora claims it to be. You can purchase this here.

Ignore my hair in this picture

Amuse Bouche liquified lipstick set ($22)

This kit is a set of mini Amuse bouche liquid lipsticks (see swatches of the whole line here) featuring four already existing shades: demi-glace, flambe, braised, and whip. This kit does a better job of including darker skin tones, except for whip which is a tan nude.

Sephora claims this kit has a value of $56. Let’s fact check it!

The full sized Amuse Bouche liquified lipsticks come with .25 ounces of product and costs $24, making it $96/oz , which is considerable less expensive than the Amuse bouche lipsticks. The kit comes with a total .28 oz of product, giving this a value of $26.88.

This set doesn’t have a tin that comes with it, so essentially Sephora is valuing cardboard packaging at $29.12, or they overstated the value by that amount.

Once again, I think this is a good deal because you’re receiving 4 lipstick shades for less than the price of one. You get a good range of shades here, including braised which I think is a lovely holiday red. Just don’t buy it thinking that it’s a $56 value.

Agave Kisses set ($20)

I didn’t photograph this set, but I will break down the prices.

This kit comes with a mini agave lip balm, a mini agave lip mask, and a mini agave lip scrub. I haven’t tried any of these products, except the lip mask which I found to be ok. It didn’t give spectacular moisture, but it did stay on my lips for a while. I think this kit is the best gift for someone else, because regardless of skin type, skin tone, or cosmetics preferences, everyone has lips and (mostly) everyone wants their lips to look nice. This is the most foolproof sampler kit to give to a friend.

Sephora claims this has a value of $32. Let’s see!

The full size agave lip balm costs $18 for .15 oz of product, making it $120/.oz. The kit comes with .05 oz product, meaning this cost $6.

The full size lip mask costs $26 for .52 oz, making it $50/oz. The kit comes with .18 oz of product, meaning this costs $9.

The full size lip scrub costs $18 for .26 oz of product, making it $69/oz. The kit comes with .18 oz of product, meaning this costs $12.4.

Combined, this kit has a value of $27.40. This means either Sephora factored in the packaging to cost $4.60, or the value is overstated by that amount.

And there you have it: all of Bite beauty’s makeup offerings this season. Let me know in the comments: do you find these types of post helpful? What are you planning on picking up for the holidays?

Ciao bella!






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