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Bite beauty has finally created the antithesis to their popular Edgy Neutrals lipstick line. Both lines are using their amazing amuse bouche formula that I’ve raved about here and here. It’s creaming, long wearing, and super pigmented.

I was thrilled when I saw on their Instagram that Bite Beauty launched this collection of vibrant neons. By the way, there’s nothing “nearly neon” about this. These are pure neon lipsticks.

It’s amazing when brands launch collections featuring unconventional colors and more interesting shades then your average line of boring nude lipsticks. While I’m not planning on buying any of these lipsticks because (for now) purple lipstick isn’t something I wear, I think this collection is perfect for people who love colorful lipsticks.

Nearly neon pink is a shocking bright pink that is the most wearable in the collection. This shade is such a spring/early summer color because it reminds me of the pink flowers that come out around this time.

Nearly neon fuchsia is my favorite shade in this entire collection. It’s such a warm, wonderful magenta shade. If I were to buy any shade in this line, it’d be this shade.

Nearly neon purple is my second favorite shade in this line. I’ve always wanted a purple lipstick that didn’t stain my lips like Urban Decay Pandemonium, however it’s not reasonable for me to buy a purple lipstick I will likely never wear.

Nearly neon peach is theoretically the most wearable color, but the actual lipstick is… well neon! This is a fun color, but I’d never buy it because oranges don’t look good on me.

Nearly neon orange is a bold fire orange shade that is strong! I admire people who wear this, but I never would.

Nearly neon blue is a smurf blue that I consider to be the least wearable shade in the collection. It’s not as neon as the orange, but it’s such an unconventional shade.

To see my thoughts on the Amuse Bouche formula, click on any of the links above (or click here to see every post I’ve made on it). The packaging is the same as the normal Amuse Bouche lipstick, the only new thing is the shades. This collection is limited edition, so snap it up while you can!

Ciao bella!





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