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I got to check out the beautiful new lipsticks by Charlotte tilbury at a recent trip to Nordstrom. I was really interested in them, because aside from a few Instagram posts I hadn’t seen much about them.

The set of colors are fairly basic– a ton of nudes, some reds, and some deep plum shades. The packaging is beautiful (of course) and the formula seemed like a mousse, and not very drying. It reminded me a lot of the Julep It’s Whipped lipsticks and the Burberry lip velvets. However, this means it’s not going to be smear proof, transfer proof, or very long wearing. If you want a long wearing lipstick, I recommend the Too Faced melted matte lipsticks (see swatches here and here).

The real question I had was if these were going to be different then the other liquid lipsticks available for sale. The liquid lipstick market is so oversaturated, and at this point there’s a color and formula for basically everything. Are these unique in any way, or do they simply blend in?

Platinum blond is the light peach shade in every collection that only suits people with light skin and light lips. I have light skin, but my lips are incredibly pigmented and colors like this just wash them out.

Charlotte darling is noted as Charlotte Tilbury’s signature shade. It’s not a unique shade, but it’s a very pretty nude brown. This is a very pretty shade and I feel like it’s the liquid lipstick version of the Matte Revolution Very Victoria lipstick (see swatch here).

Rising star is my favorite shade here. It’s a soft rose that’s both a nude, but has enough body to it so it won’t wash me out.

Dolly bird is a pink shade that runs the border between being a nude lipstick and being a bold one. It reminds me of the NYX soft matte lip cream in Cannes. I actually don’t like that line and have decluttered all of the shades but Cannes.

Best actress is like Charlotte darling but deeper. This reminds me of NYY soft matte lip cream in London which I don’t like because it looks weird with my coloring. It’s a great shade for some people (I gave it to my friend who loves it), just not for me.

Screen siren is a deep matte red. This looks like a beautiful Wonder-Woman esque red shade that would look stunning on nearly everyone.

Show girl is a grey-ish brown shade that would pull incredibly dark on me (I wear bright lipstick, not dark).

Dangerous liaison is an almost burgundy colour. I think this would look beautiful for fall and as we move into the colder months.

Too bad, I’m bad has potentially the weirdest name. It sounds like a lipstick Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie and Clyde) would wear. I like the color, though. It’s a little like dolly bird, only darker.

Pin up pink is probably my least favorite shade. I simply don’t like lipstick that are that pink, because they tend to look weird with my skin tone.

So those are all of the colors! I think the formula is nice, but don’t expect it to dry down completely matte. I’d assume it will sit comfortably on the lips. None of the shades were streaky, which is great too.

Overall, I’m not sure if these are worth the money. They seem like almost every other matte liquid lipstick that doesn’t dry down. It’s up to you whether you want to pay $34 for a nice liquid lipstick that can be easily duped.

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