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I adore Rihanna, so when Fenty beauty first launched, I was convinced I would buy everything without even knowing what it was. However once it launched and I had the opportunity to try it in store (with a mob of people around it, I should add) the hype sort of died down for me.

I believe that this collection is of amazing quality, however it’s not for me in a couple ways.

a) I have dry/combination skin, so I don’t focus on making my face look super matte. This rules out the foundation, primer, blotting paper, and the concealer match stix.

b) The highlighters felt either very glittery, or too much like other highlights I had. Trophy wife was unique, however I most definitely can not pull off a true gold highlight. I can hardly pull off BECCA champagne pop!

On the other hand, I’m excited to potentially try out the gloss bomb and the shimmer match stix or the contour match stix.

So now that I’ve introduced you to Fenty Beauty and my thoughts on their first collection, I will now give you the (literal) star of the holiday collection: the Galaxy Eyeshadow palette.

First, I want to apologize for watermarking this photo. I typically don’t watermark photos, but this one took a while to edit, so watermarked it is.

Second, I was really excited about all the colors inside! I don’t have shots of it, but the outer packaging is holographic. I hadn’t read much about this palette so I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of formula or finish.

Quick note! The brush that is in front of this palette does not come with the palette. You can purchase it for $24 here. The flat ends of the brush seem great for packing on glitter, I love the holographic center, and the bristles are very soft (and did I say cruelty free?). I highly recommend the brush, just from my experience with it in store.

Let’s check out swatches!

Ok, I’m not going to lie– the quality of this is really poor. I didn’t have time to try to swatch it over a glitter primer like the Too Faced glitter glue, but I assume that would’ve made the quality a little better. Otherwise, I was extremely disappointed.

So, I went to the Sephora website to see how the company recommended applying them. It said this:

Wear eye shadows solo for a sheer-to-smoky multidimensional effect.
-Layer topcoats over any eye shadow for a brilliant, out-of-this-world boost.

Artistry Pro Tip: For a more intense look, wet your brush.

Essentially, nothing about these eyeshadows requiring any kind of special primer, or primer at all. Even the Too Faced Glitter Bomb palette, another glittery mess, mentioned that it works best when applied with a finger over primer.

Some shades are better than others. Midnight bolt was fairly pigmented, but the rest were incredibly flaky. They didn’t adhere well to my hand and I don’t think they’ll blend particularly well on my eyes.

I’m mostly disappointed at how dull the colors seem. While the idea of a glitter palette doesn’t appeal to me, I’d be far more likely to purchase it if I felt like the quality was high.

Overall, I feel like this is a hard pass for anyone who’s not a makeup artist for the following reasons:

a) it doesn’t work as a stand along palette because it’s composed of entirely glitters, with no matte or satin eyeshadows.

b) the quality is lackluster. Unless you are someone who spends a ton of time (and money, because this palette isn’t cheap and neither is a good primer) on getting eyeshadows to work, skip it.

c) the average person doesn’t wear glitter often! For a more wearable glitter that’s easier to use, I recommend the Stila liquid eyeshadows. Glitter aside, this palette is full of blues, pinks, and other colors that most people don’t wear everyday.

d) this palette isn’t unique. The Too Faced glitter bomb had similar colors, similar quality, and is about $15 cheaper. If you’re determined to buy colorful glitters with and iffy formula, go for the cheaper option.

e) finally, this palette is $59. There are so many other eyeshadow palettes in the world that are cheaper, higher quality, and you’re more likely to get use out of it.

As for this? I recommend skipping it. Think about whether you’re buying into the hype of Rihanna, or if you truly want an all glitter palette. I recommend checking it out in store to see if it’s something you want. Otherwise, it’s a pass. Save your money, or room on your holiday wish list for something else.

Ciao bella!






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