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I was at Glossier HQ about a month ago when I went to New York (you can see what I bought here!) I swatched literally everything they sell, except for Wowder which launched a week later. Thus far, I’ve only posted one: the Glossier boy brow swatches.

That, I loved. So much actually, that it made it into my July favorites.

But this product?

This, I didn’t like at all.

I really tried, I swear. I even wiped these off and tried them on my lips in store, which is something I typically never do except some of these lipsticks had never been used. I just kept trying on shades hoping that maybe just one, or just two didn’t work for me. Nope. I tried on the whole line and none of them looked anywhere near flattering on me.

I feel bad writing an unflattering review of Glossier products because they’re really one of my favorite brands, however I also feel that people are so unwilling to speak out against Glossier because of their affiliate links that anyone can earn commission off of. So when it comes down to it, I’m always going to be honest. And honestly, I didn’t like this.

My main issue with these was split into two:

a) for shades like Leo, cake, and like there was absolutely no color payoff on my lips. I kept swiping hoping it was buildable, but nothing appeared.

b) for the rest of shades they did show up and they looked strange. Crush, a color I though I’d love had an almost neon appearance. Zip had an odd appearance on my lips that looked neon too. I found this really odd, because Glossier’s theme as a brand is really subtle makeup.

The secondary issue was the formula. It did literally everything a lipstick shouldn’t do. It clung to dry patches on my lips, it applied patchy, it tugged on my skin, and felt drying. It was the driest lipstick I’ve ever tried (not just on my lips- it felt dry as I tried to swatch it on my hand) and I’ve swatched Urban Decay Pandemonium.

So please. Pass on these lipsticks. There are so many better alternatives in the world of makeup. If you need recommendations, check out some of my favorites here.

Ciao bella!






*A note

All products discussed in this post were purchased by me/ swatched by me.

This post contains affiliate links.

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