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So hourglass recently launched an extremely expensive line of refillable lipsticks, something I don’t completely understand. I think the point of these is that you buy one base and multiple lipstick tubes and swap them out when you want to use them, or you can buy the whole lipstick.

I think the main thing people were confused about was how the full lipstick retails for $34 and only comes with .03 oz of product. For comparison, the Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo costs $32 and comes with .09 oz of product. For the lipsticks in the same price range, Burberry Kisses lipstick costs $34 and has .11 oz of product and the YSL volupté tint in balm costs the same price and has .11 oz of product. What I’m trying to saw here is that this is incredibly expensive for an already expensive brand.

So does it hold up to it’s high price?

This line is fairly basic as far as the shades go. Here is a bunch of  the more nude shades (brown undertones on the left, rose shades on the right). I’m not going to describe each and every shade in detail because there are way too many, but here are my favorites:

I’ve kissed– Ok, part of the reason I like this is because of its name but also the shade is a beautiful pink mauve that I love. Do I have 10,000 lipstick that look like this? Yes. Do I still want this? Yes.

I’ve never– This shade is a little more brown than I’ve kissed but it’s a similar mauve shade. This would be darker than my actual lips and I look gorgeous.

I’m addicted– This looks like a beautiful nude shade for fall because of its orange undertones. This would actually look perfect with the Colourpop Yes Please palette on my eyes.

I lust for– I love monochromatic makeup (like I showed in this post), so a peachy beige lipstick like this would be great with a peach eyeshadow and Milani luminoso blush. This one looks like it has enough depth so it won’t be too pale.

This set is more bright colors on the left and deeper colors on the right. Here are my favorites of them!

I can’t wait– I adore bright lipstick, especially pink shades (I have a whole post on them here) and this one is no different. It’s almost magenta and it seems absolutely stunning.

I can’t live without– Another perfect fall shade that would be beautiful with nude eyeshadow. I love dark rosy lipstick, but I don’t have many.

My icon is– I think this is a play on Hourglass’s line of shades called Icon. First there’s icon from the Opaque rouge liquid lipstick line, then icon of the Girl Lip Stylo, the matching lip liner in icon, the lip gloss in icon, and the hourglass lip oil in icon as well. It’s a beautiful blue red shade that looks absolutely stunning.

You can find me– This shade is a little more of a neon peach than a subtle peach but I still love it, especially with a matching eyeshadow and blush! This looks perfect for a bit of a stronger monochromatic look.

This set is all berry shades and one pink shade that I threw in there. Here’s my favorite!

I could– This is a rich berry shade that I realistically would never wear, but I wish I could pull it off. It’s a beautiful vampy color that would (once again) look great for fall and the holiday season.

The formula is so soft and incredibly pigmented. I don’t think they’ll wear off super quickly based off the stains they left on my hand when I swatched them. They glide, with no tugging or dragging on my skin and the packaging looks high-end (and sort of like a weapon).

Overall, I like these lipstick, but I find I’m in a similar situation as in the review for the Burberry highlights. They’re beautiful, and I think the quality is great, however they’re just too expensive for too little product. I don’t think I’ll be picking these up (and if I do, I’ll just buy the refill without the pricy packaging), though I’m sure if you do, you’ll enjoy them.

Ciao bella!






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