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This gone swatching post is a little different, mainly because I took the photos in my house, with my backdrop, of a nearly untouched palette, I just didn’t own.

For this, I thank Melissa Korn, the amazing makeup artist, who let me borrow some of her palettes to swatch and play with them for my blog. Thank you!

I wasn’t that interested in this palette, until I watched it and saw how beautiful the shimmery and duo chrome shades are. Now, I’m attempting to convince myself I don’t need it.

Key word: attempting.

Read on for swatches and more pictures of this beautiful palette!

Unlike the previous Huda beauty palette, this comes housed in a solid cardboard case with a mirror inside. Talk about a step up in quality!

This also has a photo of Huda on the cover, looking beautiful, and I assume wearing the palette on her eyes.

The reason I don’t need this palette is because I feel like I have most of the oranges and reds covered in the Colourpop Yes Please palette, which I highly recommend. On the other hand, I adore purple eyeshadow (as I mentioned in this post), and the shimmery shades are just stunning.

Desert sand is the typical brow bone/primer setting shade that’s included in almost every palette. This shade has a matte finish.

Musk is a matte nude crease shade that’s also not unique. Overall, I’m not a fan of the Huda Beauty matte eyeshadow formula. I didn’t get to try it on my eyes, but swatched, they feel very dry and patchy. Huda beauty describes them as “creamy” which I think is just plain false. So keep that in mind if you want to purchase this. From trying these, I wish Huda beauty would come out with an all satin/shimmer/duo chrome palette because I think that’s where her best formula is.

Eden is a bright peachy matte shade. In addition to the mattes being very dry, they’re also boring colors. If you hear anyone talking about how much they love this palette, I’m willing to bet that they’re not talking about the matte shades.

Amber is a rusty-brown matte shade.

Blood moon has almost a foiled finish and is a red copper shade. This shade sat on my hand oddly (look to the left of the picture), so I’d suggest applying this over primer, with your finger, or with a wet eyeshadow brush. This shade has a pressed pearl finish.

Oud is a dark, warm, brown shade that I think is the most pigmented matte shade.

Celestial is a warm rose gold shade that applies fairly sheer. I found the pressed pearl shades to be very smooth, and a wet feel to them.

Nefertiti is a cooler gold shade, that’s very similar to Celestial. This has a pressed pearl finish.

Twilight is one of the most beautiful eyeshadows I’ve even seen in my life. I would like to marry this shade and coat my face in it. It’s a lavender duo chrome shade that’s absolutely stunning. Luckily, if you’re like me and love that shade but don’t want to buy the whole palette for it, I found a list of dupes for the entire palette here and here on an Instagram page that gives the best dupes.

Amethyst is the worst matte shade in the palette– actually the worst shade in the palette. It’s patchy and not very pigmented, even after a couple swipes. That’s unfortunate, because the color is stunning.

Royal is a deep red shade that has a perfect formula. It’s pigmented, smooth, and the color is beautiful. This shade has the pressed pearl formula.

Retrograde is another duo chrome shade that’s pretty, but of course not as impressive as twilight. It seems to be a red shimmer with an iridescent shift.

Cashmere is a fawn nude shade that seems to come from the same color family as Nefertiti and celestial. This has the pressed pearl formula.

Angelic is a beautiful peachy-pink “pressed pearl” shade that reminds me most of the Kiko milano wet and dry shadow in the shade 60. Note: this is not the same as the shade angelic from the Huda Beauty rose gold eyeshadow palette.

Cosmo is the only pure glitter eyeshadow in the palette. Unlike the Fenty beauty galaxy eyeshadow palette (swatches here), this isn’t a lackluster shimmer eyeshadow. This is pure glitter chunks, pressed into a pan to the point where I’m worried that I’ll break the pan my pressing to hard. This is definitely a difficult shadow to work with, so I’d recommend some form of glitter primer or applying it with your finger.

Turkish delight is a blazing red shade that also looks foiled. This has the pressed pearl formula.

Saffron is almost like a matte version of Turkish delight. The good part about these matte shades being dry is that there isn’t much of an issue with fallout.

Blazing is a bright orange matte shadow, and it doesn’t have too bad of a formula.

Overall, I’m undecided on this palette. The matte shades don’t meet my personal preference, and I enjoy using Urban Decay matte shadows, which are notoriously dry. On the other hand, every shade that isn’t matte is amazing. If only a few shades stand out to you, check out the posts I linked above for dupes, or The Anti Haul Blog has a post here on why she decided not to buy it and her “replicated palette.”

So I guess it’s up to you. I’ll be passing on this (but potentially picking up a couple single shadows), however if you don’t have any warm toned eyeshadow palettes, enjoy dry mattes, or can justify the cost, I think you’ll (for most part) enjoy your purchase.

Ciao bella!







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