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Today I’m sharing swatches and a short review of the products included in the Kiko Milano Mini Divas collection.

The Mini Divas collection is a set of products that are travel sized. It recently launched to celebrate Kiko Milano’s 20th anniversary! This collection includes an eyeshadow (4 shades), a blush (1 shade), a bronzer (1 shade) an eyeliner and mascara duo (1 shade), lipsticks (3 shades), an essentials kit (scissors, tweezers, nail file & a case), a clear clutch, a kabuki brush, and a cleanser duo.

That’s a lot, so expect a long post.

I’ve swatched most of this line and photographed what was on display so let’s take a look!

Mini Divas Baked Eyeshadow- $6

My biggest issue with these eyeshadows is the price.

I’m sure you’re thinking this: These are 4.96 € (or $6)! What’s there to complain about?

Here’s what there’s to complain about: This cost $6 and come with .5g of product making them $12/g. That’s not too expensive, but when compared with the other eyeshadows from Kiko Milano, the price looks less appealing. The smart eyeshadow comes with 1.8g of product and costs $5, making it $2.78/g. That’s much cheaper! The wet and dry eyeshadow costs $9 and comes with 2g making it $4.5/g. So both of the single eyeshadows Kiko Milano already carries are much cheaper.

In addition, this line only has 4 shades while both the other lines I mentioned have over 30 shades in each with colors ranging from red to taupe to gold and a nice mix of mattes and shimmers.

Note: above I only swatched three eyeshadows because that’s all that was on display. The fourth color is a bright yellow-gold.

The other issue is the quality. I bought one of them after swatching ( I meant to grab #2- a Naked Heat dupe but instead purchased #3- a boring brown) and was extremely unsatisfied with what I got. Read the review here to find out what exactly I disliked about this eyeshadow. My last thoughts on the eyeshadow: Kiko Milano clearly followed this formula:

Cool (but cheap) packaging + call it “travel sized” and put less product in + hike up the price because it’s a special collection + compromise quality = the mini divas baked eyeshadow.

Hard pass.

Next is the mini blush and bronzer featured in this collection. The bronzer costs $12 for .12oz of product while the blush costs $10 for 1.8g of product.

Mini Divas Baked Bronzer- $12

Let’s compare costs of this vs another similar bronzer again, shall we?

The Summer 2.0 bronzer has two colors and a marbled look similar to the Houglass Ambient lighting bronzers (which cost a shocking $50 by the way). This cost $28 and come in a pretty case with .71oz of product ($39.44/oz). While $28 is a lot to pay for a drugstore priced brand, it comes with a fair amount of product. I’ve tested it out (but haven’t purchased) and it feels soft and fine milled. Both colors are pretty shades.

The Mini divas bronzer has only one color (which only works for light skin tones) and is a solid color, not marbled. It has .12oz of product for $12 ($100/oz). The formula feels soft (but expect a lot of powder kickup).

The only case I can say this is a good deal is if you are a light skinned person who travels frequently and doesn’t have a travel bronzer they use and is looking for one. Even then, I would recommend a kit like this that comes with a highlight, blush, and a bronzer for less than the price of this one.

Otherwise, pass on this.

Mini Divas Baked Blush- $10

Now for the blush!

The Mini Divas blush costs $10 and comes with 1.8g of product making it $5/g . Like the bronzer, this only works for light skin tones. It seems to have a comparable formula to the bronzer: powdery and soft- but pigmented.

The Summer 2.0 blush costs $21 and comes in three shades. It’s a two toned blush with one shade on each side and they meet in the middle to combine. It has a soft formula and comes in the same packaging as the Summer 2.0 bronzer. This has 7.5g of product, making it $2.8/g.

Once again, this is a pass. Unless (like with the bronzer) you’re a fair skinned person who travels frequently and is looking for a travel blush (and aren’t willing to track down this palette with a blush, bronzer, and a highlight). Otherwise, keep looking.

Mini Divas Lipstick- $6

This one, I’m torn on.

While there’s never an issue with having a small lipstick to tuck into your pocket (if you wear women’s jeans you know those pockets are the smallest things in the world), this one is way too expensive for the amount it contains.

These lipsticks have a demi-matte finish and the collection includes 3 different colors. They cost $6 and come with 1g of product making them $6/g. Not too bad, right?

The Velvet Matte lipstick has a matte finish and comes in 33 different shades. They cost $12 and come with 3.5g of product, making it $3.42/g.

Even though I have a soft spot for lipstick, it’s not worth it. It’s too expensive, and you’re more likely to travel with a lipstick you know and love, not a random small lipstick.

Mini Divas Mascara and Eye Pencil- $12

Next up is the eyeliner and mascara duo. The eyeliner is swatched above and the mascara wasn’t on display so there’s no swatch of it in this post. Together, they cost $12.

Because this is a duo, I’m not going to break down the prices of this compared to the full sized prices. I’m just going to go ahead and say this is worth it for the mascara alone. Travel sized mascara is the best to use for these two reasons:

  1. You never run out of mascara. You simply decide you don’t want to get pinkeye and it’s time to throw out the two-year old tube of dried up mascara.
  2. Travel sized tubes are always cheaper (basic cost, not cost per ml) and therefore you’re spending less money up front for something you’ll only use for 3-6 months.

I haven’t tried the mascara on my eyes so I can’t speak for the quality, but if you’re a fan of Kiko Milano mascaras or you want to test one out, I think this is a good way to do so.

As for the eyeliner, that’s neither here nor there.

It’s a black with gold glitter particles that seems okay. If this was a single, I wouldn’t recommend buying it because there is literally no need to buy a travel sized eyeliner. Just buy a full sized eyeliner and use it up enough for it to be small enough to travel with. Simple as that.

Here’s my final thought on this: If you like the eyeliner color and you need a travel mascara then go for it. If not, then look for a travel mascara single item (like this one from Too Faced or this one from Benefit).

Mini Divas Essentials kit- $20

Essentials is a loose term for this kit, because while I agree it’s good to have a pair of everything in here, it’s not necessary to have a travel sized version of everything in here.

If you’re considering buying this, ask yourself two questions.

  1. Do I already have everything in here?
  2. How much space am I really saving if I’m carrying all this in a bulky case?

At most, I would only recommend bringing a nail file with you when you travel. Eyebrow tweezers and nail scissors just aren’t necessary for travel.

It’s also better to buy the products individually. As I pointed out with the eyeshadow, it’s clear Kiko Milano is compromising quality in this collection. I would buy these tools from a high quality company like Tweezerman. If you take care of these tools, they’ll last you your entire life.

My final thought is this: Buy a real set of this tools if they’re important for you to have.

Mini Divas clutch- $25

Now for the clutch!

I’m going to be honest. If you’re looking for a good makeup bag to travel with, don’t buy it here. If you’re looking for a hard plastic purse (which will be a pain to pack and a pain to prevent from breaking) with a gold chain, then get this.

The positive of this is that it’s clear, meaning if you store your makeup in it you can easily pull it out if you’re passing through a TSA checkpoint. It also has a detachable chain meaning you can carry it or put in on your shoulder.

The cons of this are as follows: hard to pack, shows everything that’s inside, doesn’t seem super high quality, and doesn’t have a lot of room.

If you’re looking for a makeup bag to travel with or a clutch, there are many better options besides this. Pass.

Mini divas Kabuki Brush- $9

This is worth it. For only $9 you get a brush that can apply bronzer, blush, powder, and maybe buff out concealer or foundation too. Full sized brushes take up a ton of room in a travel bag so if you can cut down on space by packing this instead of a huge brush, I’d do it. The fact that it’s $9 it even better considering most brushes cost more than the product you use them with.

Mini Divas Pure Clean Kit- $12

I didn’t get a photo of this but I saw it on the website and wanted to include it in this post. This is the only item that’s not limited edition because they’re simply smaller sizes of an already available makeup remover.

Basically, this is a kit composing of a 50ml bottle of the Kiko Milano makeup remover and the Kiko Milano milk toner. I’ve never tried the milk toner, but the makeup remover is okay. It’s not my favorite ever, but it gets makeup off…eventually.

Both of those full sizes retail for $10. The makeup remover comes with 125ml and the milk toner comes with 200ml of product.

Let me break that down.

Travel size MR: $.12/ml

Full size MR: $.08/ml

Travel size MT: $.12/ml

Full size MT: $.05/ml

So yes, the small size is more expensive than the full size, but by a small amount.

Is this cost-effective to buy for daily use? No. Is the a great buy if you travel frequently? Definitely. Even better, it comes with a small plastic bag to pull out at a TSA checkpoint!

My final thought: Purchase.


You still with me? I’ll break it down for you. What’s worth it and what’s not?


-Baked Eyeshadow

-Baked Bronzer

-Baked Blush


-Mini Essentials Kit



Mascara and eyeliner

Kabuki brush

Pure clean kit

Ciao bella!

All products discussed in this post were purchased by me/ swatched by me.

This post contains affiliate links.

Read more about my affiliate link/PR samples policy here.




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