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While I was in New York I got the chance to visit the largest Sephora in the world, stocked with all the newest releases, one of which being this palette. I was really excited for the launch of this on Tarte and I was super excited to test it out for myself.

Tarte describes this as a palette that can be used to sculpt all parts of your face. You can use this as eyeshadow, brow powder, contour powder or bronzing powder. All of the shades in this are matte.

Journey is a light beige eyeshadow I would use in the crease for a subtle eye look. This could also work as a base for people with darker skin.

Stone is a cool matte brown eyeshadow that could work as a liner or smudged into the outer v of my eye.

Solstice is a matte cream eyeshadow that I would use for setting my concealer

Terracotta is a warm brown face powder to use for contouring. This seems too warm for me to contour with, but it would make a great matte bronzer.

Dunes is a sandy brown eyeshadow that would look good in the crease. This could also be  buffed all over the eye for a single eyeshadow look.

Smoke is dark brown eyeshadow that would work best as a liner or for a really smokey look. I don’t see myself getting much use out of this shade if I were to buy this product.

Sand is a light cream eyeshadow very similar to solstice. This will work great as a base or a brown highlight.

Desert is a cool brown face powder for contouring that seems quite similar to sculpt from the Tarteist pro glow palette. That shade is my favorite contouring powder of all time, so I’m sure I’d love desert.

Ember is a warm brown that will be great for creating a Naked Heat-esque look that’s super popular right now.

Onyx is a pure black for smoking along the lash line or for creating a smoky eye. I can count the times I’ve used black eyeshadow on one hand, so it’s fair to say I may never use this shade.

Instinct is a cream shadow that looks like both sand and solstice.

Timber is a deep brown face powder for contouring or bronzing. This would be too dark for my skin tone, so it’s fair to say I’d be more likely to use this as an eyeshadow.

These are all incredibly pigmented and smooth. I have tried this formula from Tarte in the tartlette tease palette, and I love it. Their mattes tend to be extremely pigmented, so beware while applying. I don’t experience a ton of fallout while using it and the shadows last pretty long on me (with primer).

I’ve tried the tarte face powders in the Tartelette pro glow palette and I loved them. Sculpt blended really well and left my face looking smooth and sculpted.

Overall, the quality in this palette is really high. I recommend this for a beginner without many eyeshadows or bronzers. However, I will not be buying it, or at the least I won’t be buying it now. I have far too many eyeshadows in my collection currently and too many bronzers so I know I won’t be able to really use it.

I also think all of the base shades are going to look the same on the eye and the darker shades I know I won’t use enough, so this wouldn’t be a good buy for me. I’ve thought it through and decided I won’t be getting this because I have too many similar colors in my collection. I do think this will be perfect for some people, but I won’t be buying. Will you?

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