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So tarte has recently released two warm tones palettes: The mini tartelette flirt (same size as the tartelette tease) and the larger tartelette toasted (same size as the tartelette in bloom).

I got the chance to check both of them out in Sephora, so keep reading for swatches and my thoughts on both of them, plus how they stack up to other warm toned eyeshadow palettes.

First, let’s talk about the tartelette flirt.

This palette contains six shades and is roughly the size of a credit card. The outer packaging is made of cardboard and it shuts magnetically. It also has a fairly large mirror inside.

I think that this is the best way to indulge in the warm eye trend if

a) you aren’t sure you like it

b) you like it, but only need a few shades

c) you want something both on trend and neutral.

I’ve tried the Tartelette tease, so assuming the formulas are the same, here’s what I have to say about this one: the mattes are incredibly pigmented, and if they’re dark, they can be difficult to blend. Always start light and you can build it up if you need more. Luckily, this palette doesn’t look to dark.

The shimmers are fairly pigmented and smooth. They’re don’t have the highest level of pigment I’ve ever tried, but they aren’t patchy or hard to build up.

Overall, I enjoy this formula, and I recommend it for someone who wants to try this trend without buying a large palette, or spending over $30. Plus, this palette has a nice array of browns for anyone who wants a very subtle warm eye.

Now for some swatches!

Gaze is a matte yellow shade, mainly intended for setting eyeshadow primer or highlighting the brow bone. Beware, this shade looks a little dark for this purpose, depending on you skin tone.

Playful is a neutral brown matte shade.

Touch is a fiery warm orange that is identical to lumbre from the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. Lumber happens to be my favorite shadow in that palette, and now I’ve found it both in this palette and as louie in the Colourpop Yes Please palette.

Passion is a light orange shimmer that will look really pretty applied all over the lid.

Hotline is a warm brown matte shade.

Snuggle is a dark matte brown shade.

Overall, I think this palette is great gift, or a great pick if you’re looking for a small palette with mostly matte shades.

Now, for the bigger palette: The Tartelette Toasted Palette

This palette contains sixteen warm toned shades, and comes in the same type of case as the tartelette in bloom and the tartelette clay matte palette. Like those other palettes, this comes with a large mirror.

This palette has been frequently compared to the Naked Heat palette since its launch, and I while I do agree that they’re similar, I don’t think that they’re the same.

And from my opinion of both of the brand’s shadows and the color scheme, I think this palette has more distinct shades and will create different looks, unlike the Naked Heat which I have swatches of here. This also has more shades, and is cheaper. I think the Tarte formula is more widely liked than the urban decay formula, which can be quite dry. Also, this palette has more matte shades, making it easier to create cohesive yet unique looks.

In the Tarte formula, I do find that the darker shades can be difficult to blend into the crease without turning the whole look smoky. However, they do make great liners and the shimmers are very smooth.

The Urban Decay formula has drier mattes, and typically fewer per palette. I don’t think the Naked Palettes are bad, and I adore the Naked 3, which I own. I just think that this palette is more versatile than the Naked palettes.

Here’s the first batch of shades!

S’more is a warm matte beige shade, similar to gaze from the Tartelette Flirt palette.

Sunrise is a soft shimmery pale shade.

Sunset is a light bronzy color.

Crackle is a sparkle studded brown color. I’m not a fan of this color because it has specks of glitter in it, but it’s still a matte shade. I’m not sure how I’d use this.

Cashmere is a matte warm yellow.

Warmth is a beautiful amber matte shade that would look really pretty in the crease.

Flame is a shimmery shade that reminds me of scorched from the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette.

Cozy is a matte maroon shade.

Now for the final set!

Candle is a shimmering yellow shade.

Latte is a pale matte brown that would be a great crease shade for a soft look.

Simmer is a bronzy gold shimmery shade.

Fireside is a matte dark brown.

Overall, I think this palette is more versatile than the Naked Heat palette. If you already have the naked palette, I don’t think you need to get this though. Because of the amount of recent releases of warm eyeshadow palette, there’s a mentality that you need to get all of them.

You really don’t.

Even I, a beauty blogger, have only purchased two warm palettes: the Colourpop Yes Please and the Too Faced Peachy mattes palette. I got both of those because I really liked them and found that they were different enough to warrant owning both. However, I think the average consumer only needs to own one, at most.

Luckily, there are a ton of different formulas and types of warm palettes to pick from to make sure you get one that works for you. If one of these works for you, by all means get it, but there’s no reason to get more than one. I happen to think both of these are great choices for anyone interested in picking up a warm eyeshadow palette.

Ciao bella!






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