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During my layover in London Heathrow yesterday, I wandered over to swatch a few products (believe it or not, this is where over 50% of my gone swatching photos come from).

I chose to swatch some luxury products because- why not! I’m unlikely to actually buy Tom Ford, but it’s always fun to test out the products and see if they live up to the hype.

In the case of Tom Ford, it’s extremely hyped. I’ve tried a few things (my mom owns an eyeshadow palette, a bronzer, a lipstick, and an illuminator from him) and each time, I always feel like I can get something like it for cheaper. I’m not too much of a dupe hunter and most of the time I’ll settle for paying more, but in this case I never think it’s worth it. 

And this thought process extends to the Lips and Boys line.

If you are someone who

a) enjoys and regularly buys Tom Ford (or other luxury makeup)

b) doesn’t worry about money while buying makeup

c) is looking to splurge in a certain category (lipstick)

Then you should probably ignore my advice and make up your own mind on whether this is for you. However, I know that for me, I won’t be buying any of it.

Not sure why the photo is sideways, but it wasn’t letting me edit is so I’ll go with it :). There are a few things I noticed about the collection. First, the lipsticks are tiny! They only hold .07 oz total ($514.29/oz) while the normal Tom Ford lipsticks have .1 oz making them $530/oz. So that means the lipsticks have similar value, while the lips and boys collection only has .07 oz of product.

Secondly, I’m not sure if this was just the display case, but this lipstick seemed… cheaper than the more expensive one.

The stickers on the back of the lipstick are sort of peeling off and some are missing entirely. This could be part of the display, though.

Now for the swatches! I tried to swatch a good range of products, but I didn’t swatch all 50.

Julian is my favorite out of this batch (of course) and actually reminds me a lot of one of recent gone swatching-  the Essence lipstick in wow effect (see swatch here). Thomas is a little darker and more of a mauve brown (reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury’s lipstick in Bond girl. Bradley is a nude that is far too peachy for my skin tone while Christopher is a 90’s brown lipstick. Of these shades, Christopher and Thomas are matte, while Bradley and Julian are satin finish.

Evan is another great warm nude that I love while Flynn is a baby pink shade. Aaron is a metallic brown (that looks almost green in this light) and Ashton is a rich mauve shade (like Thomas, but darker). Of these four, Aaron is metallic, Evan is matte and Flynn and Ashton are satin finish.

James is a coral I really like that has the perfect amount of peach to look natural, while Ryan is a metallic purplish brown. Alex is a shocking pink shade and Inigo is a metallic shade that’s almost indigo with a deep purple. Of these four shades, Inigo, Ryan, and Alex are metallic while James has satin finish.

Overall in this collection there are 10 matte shades, 20 metallic shades, and 20 satin shades.

My thoughts on this product is that it is totally not worth the extreme price tag. There are definitely less expensive dupes out there and I would not recommend buying this.

It is however, your choice.

Ciao bella!






All products discussed in this post were purchased by me/ swatched by me.

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