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This season, warm eyeshadow has been the hottest item (pun intended) in the makeup world. This look has completely exploded, meaning there are so many different shades to choose from.

On this list, I’ll have an affordable one, a mini one, the original one, the popular one, the matte one, and the other one.

Also, bare in mind that there are many different types of warm eyeshadow.

  1. Bold, warm shades such as red, orange, and yellow.
  2. True warm shades, featuring lots of warm brown.
  3. Warm reds and pinks

I’ve tried to put in at least one of each type on this list.

Let’s check it out!

1. The affordable one: Colourpop Yes Please

I can not stress enough how amazing this palette is. I included it in my top fall makeup post and my August favorites because I have just fallen completely in love with it. Each time I look at it, I can create a new look, and that’s what a palette should do: spark creativity. It’s also a dupe for the Natasha Denona Sunset palette, which didn’t make it onto this list because I will never recommend a $129 palette.

This is not subtle. But it’s not as bold as it appears either.

The mattes blend incredibly well, the shimmers are unique and pigmented, really this is the ultimate eyeshadow palette. I’ve been loving this throughout the fall, but I think I’ll continue to love it throughout the winter as well.

I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. This is $16. Whether this is first on your list, or a friend’s, you won’t be disappointed. You can check out swatches on my Instagram page here.

Photo credits to

2. The mini one: Smashbox Cover Shot palette in Ablaze 

This one is the only palette that I don’t have a photo of, so I used one from Temptalia. This is a really pretty palette, and it’s tiny making it optimal for travel or just sampling the shades. It has some pretty red shades, similar to Modern Renaissance, and some warm browns like in the other palettes on this list.

I included this in my dupes for the naked heat palette list. This is an awesome choice for a friend, because it’s the cheapest on this list, while still being high end.

3. The original one: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance 

This palette essentially started the warm eyeshadow craze a little over a year ago. This quickly rose to youtube popularity for it’s interesting set of colors, and a new take on the neutral eye look. I don’t own this, but I borrowed it from Melissa Korn to photograph it.

I have not tried this on the eyes, but I can say that the formula is highly pigmented and very powdery. If you’re gifting this keep in mind your friend’s makeup talent: do they spend lots of time on their makeup? Do they know how to work with a palette with lots of fallout?

This isn’t a difficult palette to work with, but it’s not for beginners. This is also more red and pink toned than just plain warm eyeshadow. However, no list is complete without the original palette of the warm eye trend.

4. The popular one: Urban Decay Naked Heat 

I’ve talked about this palette a lot on the blog, especially for someone who doesn’t own it. I have a list of swatches here, and a list of potential dupes here, which is some how the most viewed page on my blog (thank you!). I don’t own this palette, but I’ve tried other Urban Decay eyeshadows and I know I like the formula.

This palette is best for a truly scorched look. It’s composed of many deep matte shades that will be perfect for a warm smoky eye. While it’s possible, this isn’t intended to give a subtle look.

I enjoy the Urban Decay formula, but the mattes are fairly dry, so just keep that in mind. Otherwise, this is a beautiful palette with stunning shades within!

5. The matte one: Too Faced Peachy Mattes

This was the only thing I picked up from the Too Faced Peach collection, and I’m quite happy with it. Like the Colourpop Yes Please, this inspires me each time I look at it. I found there to be so many different looks I could create with it.

You can go actually three directions with this palette:

  • Peachy
  • Warm brown
  • Warm red

The shade peach sangria is likely my favorite because it’s such a stunning plum shade. I also like peach punch a lot, just ripe, and peach cobbler.

Some shades blend better than others, but they’re all quite pigmented. The packaging is also stunning. I highly recommend this!

6. The other one: Tarte Tartelette Toasted palette

This one I also swatched recently, and I was a big fan of it. I call it the “other one” because it’s been compared to its preceder, the Naked Heat, since its release.

It has a nice mix of mattes and shimmers, as well as a great range of colors. I prefer this to the Naked Heat for an everyday look, while I think the Naked Heat is more suited to deeper, smokier, looks. It has the same formula as the Tartelette flirt, so if you want to try that formula, just with more shades, this is a great palette to pick.

There are all my favorite palettes for a warm eyeshadow look that have been released this year? Which one’s on your holiday list?

Ciao bella!






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