Is Colourpop raising its prices?

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With the launch of Colourpop at Sephora, there’s one question that’s been on everyone’s mind: Will Colourpop, a traditionally affordable brand, be raising their prices to meet the standards of Sephora, a traditionally more expensive retailer?

And the answer is yes, but in the sneakiest, sly, way possible. There are two places where you’re going to be spending more money by shopping at Sephora compared to the colourpop website.

First, let’s go through all of the products Colourpop is offering on Sephora for the launch on Halloween.

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1. Golden State of Mind Palette ($26)

This has 15 eyeshadows shades with a glitter finish that come housed in a beautiful cardboard case, similar to Colourpop’s other palettes. Aside from the fact I’m not quite sure who wants an 100% glitter palette, this is also overpriced.

But it’s overpriced in the sneakiest way.

The Colourpop individual pressed shadows come with .053 oz of product and cost $4 (without a container), making them $75/oz. If you were to measure the value of this palette by the value of the Colourpop single shadows, this has a value of $39 (this palette comes with a total of .525 ounces).

However, palettes are often marketed at a value. For example, the Yes Please palette has a value of $27 when compared to the single shadows. That palette costs $16 and comes with a total of .36 oz of product, making it $44/oz. By that standard, the Golden State of Mind Palette should cost $23, which is $3 less than it should cost.

While $3 isn’t a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, it is a lot of money while shopping with Colourpop. So in short, this palette is overpriced. I only recommend picking this up if you know you want and will use a 15 pan entirely shimmer palette. If you want to get pay less and get a better deal, I’d recommend checking out any of the $16 palettes Colourpop has to offer. I own Yes Please and love the quality and colors of it, but the rest of the palettes look beautiful as well. You can shop this palette here once it launches on Oct. 31.

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2. Semi Precious Metals palette ($26)

This palette appeals to me more because the colors look more distinct than they do in Golden State of Mind. The shades also look vibrant, and I’m sure I’m not the only one eyeing that lavender (3rd shade, 1st row). But is it cost-effective?

Based off the value of the single shadows Colourpop offers, this palette has a value of $45, which is the price of a high-end palette. However compared to the $16 palettes Colourpop offers, the value drops down to $24, $2 below the price of the palette.

Once again, $2 isn’t a huge deficit in the grand scheme of things, however when you’re shopping an affordable makeup brand, $2 can make a difference.

This palette I’m more likely to suggest because it has a smaller deficit regarding the price and seems to have 8 different shades. However, you still get a better deal while shopping the $16 palettes Colourpop sells. Your choice.

You can shop this palette here once it launches on Oct. 31.

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3. Feelin’ Fine trio (above) and You’re a Gem trio (not pictured) ($18)

So one way Colourpop has raised their prices is by selling them in sets. These cost $6 each, but by buying a group of three of them, that price triples.

Colourpop has released two lip trios. One is the Feelin’ Fine trio that comes with three ultra glossy lips in fairy me, obviously and lay-z. All of those are new shades. The other trio is called You’re a Gem and it comes with two ultra satin lips and one ultra glossy lip in the shades catching feels, misbehaving and charming (gloss). I’ve tried the ultra satin lipstick in Aquarius and I like it. It has a matte finish, but dries down comfortably. It isn’t transfer proof.

Now these sets match the value. This means there is $18 worth of product in there and it costs $18. However, on the Colourpop website, they sell their lip trios for $15, making it a bargain. Like this one for example. So while you technically aren’t losing money by buying this, you could save $3 by buying off the Colourpop website. And it feels sneaky to have these kits match the value, but not the price on the Colourpop website. I suggest passing on these, unless you’re in love with all of the colors. If so, you can shop the Feelin’ Fine trio here and the You’re a Gem trio here.

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4. Polite AF Super Shock Shadow collection ($30)

This set comes with 6 Super Shock eyeshadow shades: (top)Sequin, (second) driftStereo, (bottom) Birthday cake, Deep dive, and Birthday girl. I’ve put them in what I think is the order of left to right, top to bottom. Of these six shades, only birthday cake is a new shade. All of these are ultra-glitter shades. That formula isn’t my personal favorite because I don’t enjoy chunks of glitter in things, but if you do, this set may be for you.

Bad news: It’s still overpriced. These shades retail for $5, so for a set of six, it does even out to $30. However, on the Colourpop website, a set of six super shock eyeshadows like this one, it costs $25. It’s the exact same deal as the lip kits.

My advice on these is to look through the shades, pick out the ones you really want (because you can buy all of them but birthday cake individually) and order off the Colourpop website. If you’re dead set on ordering from Sephora or on getting birthday cake you can order this here.

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5. Legit AF Super Shock Highlight collection ($24)

Like the lip kits and eyeshadow kit, this has an even value. Each of these highlights cost $8, there are three of them, so voilà, $24 value, $24 cost. However unlike the previous kits, I think this is a horrible value.

This set comes with three highlight shades that already exist: wisp, over the moonand spoonThere’s no direct comparison on the colourpop website, but if there was, I assume it’d retail for less than $24.

The reason I think this isn’t at all worth buying is because it’s not going to work for anyone’s skin tone. Like most highlight kits, companies smash colors for deep skin tones and light skin tones together into one kit, (instead of making two) effectively ruining it for everyone. If a company does cater to only one skin tone, there’s an 99.9% chance it’s a light skin tone, which isn’t fair either.

Let’s take me for example. I have light skin. If I were to buy this kit, I’d be able to use over the moon, potentially wisp and not spoon. If someone with a medium skin tone got this kit, they could us wisp, and spoon but not over the moon. Do you see what I mean?

You’re best off picking out one highlight out of the fifteen shades colourpop offers that will work for your skin tone and you know you’ll use. Unless you’re a makeup artist (in which case you can shop this here), I’d pass on this.

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6. Amber Crystal Collection Bundle ($20)

This collection comes with three items from Colourpop’s crystal collection, in a new shade– amber. this set contains one crystal balm, one liquid highlighter, and one setting spray.

This kit costs $20, and has a $20 value. However on the Colourpop website, previous kits like it cost $18, meaning you’re saving $2. Once again, Colourpop is cheating you slightly by not factoring in the amount you’re saving.

However, I think this is worth the money for a couple of reasons. First, all three of these shades are exclusive. Second, the lip balm looks to be pigmented, unlike the other lip balms colourpop sells (those are marketed as a lip topper). Finally, I think this kit would really flatter dark skin tones.

If you’re interested in this exact shade, buy it here on Sephora. If you’re interested in those type of products, check out the four other kits from Colourpop and save $2.

7. Super shock shadow ($5)

Finally, Colourpop has released 3, new, ultra-glitter shades on Sephora here. I won’t be talking about them much, because they’re the same price and same amount of product as on the Colourpop website. All I’ll say is that I’m not a fan of the ultra-glitter formula because it just too glittery for me.

*collective breath*

You still with me?

To wrap up that section, here are my final thoughts: The prices are being raised on the Colourpop x Sephora products in subtle increments of $2-3. There’s also a lot of glitter. If you plan on buying something from this collection, make sure you’re buying something you really want, and not just buying into the hype. Ask yourself this: If I saw this for sale on the Colourpop website, would I still buy it?


Now I mentioned at the beginning that there are two dark holes your money is falling into while shopping at Sephora. One, is that the prices are a little higher on the items themselves. The other, is just the difference of shopping at a high-ranking company.


When you shop on the Colourpop website, you get free shipping over $30 (nationally) and $50 (internationally). When it’s under that amount, shipping costs $5.

On Sephora, shipping costs $5.95, unless your order is over $50 or if you are a VIB rouge or if you have their subscription program that grants you free shipping for $10/year.

While shopping at Colourpop, you can buy 6 shadows for the same price as 5 ($30 + free shipping for six or $25 + $5 shipping for five). You also can get free shipping on smaller orders. At Sephora, you have to pay over $50 for free shipping, which is expensive.

There are a couple perks to Colourpop being at Sephora:

  • Better customer service and guaranteed delivery. I haven’t had an issues, but I’ve heard complaints with both Colourpop’s customer service and with packages shipping on time/with everything in it/with all products intact.
  • Beauty insider points/rewards apply.
  • Free samples with each order (not available on Colourpop’s website).
  • The ability (for some) to test in store.

So overall, I think it’s a good thing for Colourpop to be at Sephora. I’m not thrilled with their selection of glittery products or their sneaky raising of the prices, but I think this is an overall positive.

Thank’s for reading this incredibly long post! What’s your opinion on Colourpop x Sephora? Will you be picking up anything from the new collection?

Ciao bella!







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