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When I first got this, my reaction was sort of “what do I do with this?”

Full disclosure: I received this as a gift from Julep and I never intended to buy it. So when I got it, I was a little confused. I had no idea what a face milk was and I don’t know how I was supposed to use it. I’d always assumed face milks were either like toners (another mystery), or had anti aging purposes not intended for my skin.

Does it go under makeup? Does it work as a moisturizer? Does it clear my skin? Does it hydrate it? Keep reading to find out exactly what this does and what I thought of it!

According to Julep, this is a lightweight oil infused facial milk that absorbs into your skin in under 10 seconds. It comes in a frosted glass bottle and the product is dispensed via a glass dropper. I love the packaging because it has a nice heft to it and it looks really subtle and high end. I like skin care products to have nice packaging because that’s what’s next to my sink. All of my makeup is in drawers, but the skin care I use everyday is not.

The dropper works really well too and I haven’t had any issues with this leaking or not dispensing product. I wouldn’t recommend traveling with it because it is glass.

When I first got this, I used it as a makeup primer under my favorite foundation from Charlotte Tilbury. I had no real reason for doing so, except the white color of this reminded me of the Hourglass Veil Primer (disclaimer: they are not at all similar, except for the color).

That worked for a bit, but then I noticed my foundation was starting to feel heavy by the end of the day, so I stopped using it. Since then I’ve used it again as a primer, except under a lighter coverage such as the RMS un-cover up (swatches here) or the Julep Cushion Complexion (review and swatches here). That holds up much better and yields a very dewy and natural finish.

If you have oily skin, I don’t recommend using this as a primer as it will be too dewy. It also won’t hold up under a matte foundation or a full coverage foundation.

I was really skeptical about the claim that it absorbs in under 10 seconds, but after trying it I understood. I use around 3-5 drops of this all over my face and then I blend it with my hands. It’s completely absorbed after that and my face is luminous.

I don’t use this in place of a moisturizer, but I will use it in the morning when I feel that a full on moisturizer will take too long to absorb or will be too heavy.

It feels thinner than most moisturizers and thicker than most oils, so I’m not sure how to compare it. It isn’t sticky at all or tacky. I really like the texture, and after it absorbs I don’t feel it at all on my face.

Overall, I’m a fan of this! It’s not my ride or die moisturizer (or primer), but I think it’s quite nice. It’s best for those with dry to combination skin.

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