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Welcome to my June favorites! These are all thing’s I’ve been loving/ using constantly for the month of June. Most (but not all of these) have been reviewed, but as I review them I’ll link the reviews in.

First up is a product I raved about. I loved everything from the packaging to the colors. Unfortunately, it’s limited edition so you should snap it up quickly.

1) BECCA x Chrissy Teigen glow palette 

Is anyone surprised? Probably not.

I reviewed this here and absolutely loved it. I also mentioned it in my Favorite Pink Things post here. The packaging is stunning and the shades inside are absolutely beautiful. I love the Beach Nectar highlight (to be honest, that was the decider for me on whether or not to buy the palette) and the Malibu Soleil bronzer is perfect for a subtle contour without being to harsh or too shimmery. All of these colors work really well as eyeshadow too!

2) RMS un-cover up in the shade 00

I honestly did not expect to like this as much as I ended up loving it. I’d seen photos online and expected it to be dry and heavy like every other cream concealer I’d tried. However when I swatched it, I fell in love. This goes on full coverage and blends out wonderfully to create a perfect base. It doesn’t cake at all either! I would recommend setting it with powder because it’s so creamy though. Swatches of the line are here if you’re interested.

3) Milani Baked bronzer in Dolce

I haven’t mentioned this at all in any posts, but this is one of my most used products this month. First, Milani is my all time favorite drugstore brand (and one of my favorite brands, period). But this product, I almost didn’t buy. I picked up two of the baked blushes and one of the powder blushes one day, but I hesitated at buying the bronzer too. I told myself I didn’t need it. That lasted one day, until I came back the next day and bought it. This is the perfect shade for warming up my face (I apply it with a big fluffy brush) without being noticeable. A must!

4) Tarte liquid eyeliner in rose gold

One of my best friends actually bought this before me. She recommended it to me and told me how great it was so I decided to check it out. It’s actually super cool because on one side there’s glitter which looks best patted over eyeshadow to intensify it. On the other side there’s what looks like molten rose gold that applies smoothly above the lash line. I haven’t reviewed this yet, but in this post, there’s a photo of it on my eyes.

Quick note: while I adore the smooth side of it, the glittery side burns my lid and I can’t use it. I will use up the smooth side, but I will not repurchase. Please keep this in mind if you’re considering buying and also if any makeup ever burns your eye, remove it immediately. I read countless reviews of Sephora and Ulta from people saying “oh it burned my eye for a bit, but after five minutes it went away.” No. Take it off if it hurts.

5) Glossier cloud paint in puff

This is another item on this list that made it onto my Pink Favorites post here. I really love this blush. Ever since I got it, I haven’t stopped using it. I even brought it traveling with me because it’s so easy to just to wear. I just dab a little onto my cheeks and blend it out with my fingers for the most natural effortless look. Glossier, you win this one.

Click here for my review or here to get 10% off your first glossier purchase! You can also use the code 2BLUSH when purchasing a cloud paint blush to buy 2 for $30 (you save $4).

That’s all for this month’s favorites! Be sure to check back next month for another list of my favorite products.

Ciao bella!

*A note
All products discussed in this post were purchased by me.
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