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I recently did a whole post on the Kiko Milano mini divas collection here, and I didn’t have a lot of positive takeaways. The short reason is that I felt the entire collection as a whole was overpriced for what it was, especially this eyeshadow, and you can read that post for my explanation as to why.

So you might be thinking this:

“Okay, it’s overpriced. So what? It’s a capsule collection, of course it’ll be more expensive. Why shouldn’t I get this anyways?”

Here’s why: the quality is clearly lacking in this eyeshadow. Don’t make the same mistake as me.

So here’s a fact about me and how I buy makeup. I rarely buy makeup without reading/watching reviews on that product. Therefore, I have a minimal amount of makeup in my collection that I hate, and an even smaller amount from the last six months when I’ve gotten more into makeup and been able to recognize what a good product is.

And every now and then there’s a rare exception that makes me totally regret not researching my purchase. This eyeshadow is a good example of this. I’m trying to do my review as quick as possible so I can get it out of my collection because I know I won’t be using it.

I mentioned here that I grabbed the wrong eyeshadow while I was shopping at Kiko Milano. I way trying to test out a Naked Heat-esque shade to see if I like that type of color, but instead I got a boring brown shade that is in basically every eyeshadow palette.

So what’s my issue with with this shadow?


This has a ton of fallout. Seriously. I’ve used the Orbital eyeshadows from Julep which I count as the worst eyeshadow I’d ever used (before this), in second is the holiday 2015 eyeshadow palette also from Julep. Even the fallout from that didn’t make me look like I’d tried to apply concealer under my eyes and mixed my concealer with pure glitter.

Secondly, it was patchy. I’ve never had an eyeshadow be patchy, but this was. It didn’t blend! I didn’t want to apply this full coverage all over my lid, so I tried to buff it out, which was a big mistake. It left chunks of the brown on the lid and the rest blended into glitter.

Third, it had zero staying power and was impossible to use with other shadows.

Also the packaging feels cheap.

I don’t typically use brush swatches, but I felt that this was the best way to show my issues with this. The fluffy brush is this one from Julep and the dense brush is this one, also from Julep. Keep in mind, these are swatches where I tried to build up the product as much as possible. Upon first swatch, all I got was glitter so I had to keep swiping the brush to get even color.

Finally, I dislike this eyeshadow because it’s such a boring color. I will be removing this from my collection as soon as possible.

**You can read my original post on this line here**

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