L’oreal Lash Paradise vs Too Faced Better than Sex

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I know I’m not the first beauty blogger to make this post (not by a long shot).

But I was really curious. After all, as a drugstore mascara skeptic, could this $10 mascara really replace the $23 icon?

Or maybe it was just a bunch of people saying “eh, it’s close enough.”

Either way, I was curious. BTS has been my go to mascara for full black lashes for a while now (I got it over the holidays), which was partly why I got Lash Paradise. I like to switch out my mascara after 6 months or so and I don’t like to have a ton of different mascaras open at one time.

So while I was still in the states, I searched for it at the drugstore.

No luck.

In Whistler (this was actually released in Canada first), I ran from drugstore to drugstore trying to figure out where I could find this.

In the end, I found it at a drugstore where the display for Lash Paradise was placed below a display for Maybeline Baby Lips. It wasn’t until my second visit to that store that I saw it. When I did, I grabbed it in the shade 200 Blackest Black, and bought it.

Would it measure up to the cult favorite Better Than Sex mascara? I was about to find out.

First off- packaging. There’s no denying they look similar, but I wouldn’t say they’re the same.


  • Rose gold tube
  • (that is all)


  • BTS is engraved while LP has black print.
  • BTS has far more heft to the tube while LP is light.
  • BTS has .27 oz of product while LP has .28 oz.
  • BTS is all rose gold while LP has a pure gold ring at the top.

So as far as packaging goes, I’m not going to say they’re exact replicas.

Next up- wands. Can you guess which one is which?

I’ll give you a moment.

Ok, LP is on top with a bit of a straighter brush while BTS is on the bottom with the ultimate curvy brush (like Burberry cat lashes).

I don’t have a preference for either brush honestly. I love the BTS wand and have never had any issues with it, and at the same time, the LP brush doesn’t bother me either. It’s all up to personal preference.

Now, here’s a color comparison. To me, they look pretty much the same. If anything, Too Faced is a tad blacker, but otherwise I’d say the colors are the exact same.

So far so good!

Lastly, here is what they look like on the eyes (with this eyeliner along the lash line).

What do you think?

I think they look identical.

I surveyed my family to see what they thought. My mom thought both sides looked clumpy, but LP was less so (that could be also due to the fact my bottle of BTS is older). My dad thought BTS side looked better and my brother said they looked the same.

They both wore the same throughout the day and felt the same on my lashes as well.

For my first drugstore mascara I’ve ever tried, I was pretty satisfied! I think I’ll even buy the L’oreal LP again instead of the BTS because I’ll be saving (around) $13!

That was a success!

Ciao bella!






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  • Reply
    October 27, 2017 at 7:56 PM

    Lash paradise is my HG mascara! All I have used since it came out. I find L’Oréal mascaras to be pretty good in general (I believe L’Oréal owns Lancôme or at least they used to)

    • Reply
      Sloane Bella
      October 28, 2017 at 12:55 PM

      I’ve also been loving this! Sometimes it flakes slightly, but it gives much more volume than the Better than Sex. It’s the only L’oreal mascara I’ve tried, so I’m interested in checking out more.

    Leave a Reply