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This October, I’ve continued with my love of orange eyes, nude lips, and general enjoyment of pumpkins.  I’ve really been getting into the fall spirit this year, as I discussed in my fall makeup post.

I’ve continued my setup from last month of doing my makeup at a makeshift vanity (comment below if you’re interested in a full post on it), meaning I’ve been using palettes for weeks in a row. This is a great way to get a feel for a product, and it’s encouraged me to be more creative in getting different looks out of the same palette or mixing and matching palettes.

Keep reading to find out what I’ve been loving!

1. Too Faced Peachy Mattes eyeshadow palette

I was a little undecided on whether to put this in, because I’m undecided on the quality of it. However, I used it non stop for the first two weeks after I got it, so I think that says enough.

The main thing I love about this palette is the layout of the colors. I created so many different looks with this. The matte shades were good enough to stand on their own, but sometimes I added a shimmer shade across the lid. For the most part, I use the typical formula to create an eyeshadow look: matte shades in crease + shimmer shades on lid, but I deviate from it occasionally.

One of my favorite looks I did was as follows. I applied peach butter on the lid to set my primer, then blended just peachypeaches and cream, and peach punch in the crease to create a peachy eye. Then, I took the beach nectar highlight from the BECCA x Chrissy Teigen palette (review here) and it looked stunning. I was so happy with that look.

The second look, I wore to my school’s homecoming. I blended peach tea and peach cobbler in the crease, then smudged the vibrant peach sangria onto the outer half of the lid with a bit of just peachy in the inner part of the lid. Then, I lined my eyes with just ripe.

Overall, I think this is an incredibly versatile palette. I love the colors in it so much, I’m willing to blend a little extra. Otherwise, I’ve had no issues with pigment, staying power, or lots of fallout. This was my first experience with Too Faced eyeshadows, and after trying this palette, it makes me want to try more of their shadows.

2. L’oreal infallible lip paint in nude star

So, aside from the name and scent I love everything about this lipstick.

It launched back in may and I bought three shades: taupeless, spicy blush, and nude star. This one is my favorite, because the color is a perfectly flattering shade on me. I love it so much, I even mentioned it in my list of top lipsticks.

It has a wand applicator and a texture similar to that of a melted down lipstick and it’s housed in a squeezy tube. The only downside is the thick floral scent. It’s annoying but doesn’t discourage me from wearing it. However, I know that won’t be true for everyone, so if heavily perfumed makeup bothers you, keep that in mind.

3. Biossance The Nourisher/Squalane + Vitamin C rose oil

I got a sample of this face oil from a friend just before Biossance changed the name of the product from The Nourisher to Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil. However, the formula didn’t change.

I’m about halfway through this face oil, and I’ve been loving it. It’s got a light rose scent and it nourishes my skin without breaking it out. I’ve been using this after face masks, before bed, or any time I need a moisturizer. It doesn’t clear my skin in the same way the Vintner’s Daughter oil does, but it’s also under half the price, so I’m not complaining.

Now the full sized version of this face oil costs $72, which is pricy. So if you’re unsure whether Biossance products are for you, then you can buy a kit with one sample of this oil and one of the 100% squalane oil for $5 (essentially the cost of shipping) here. I highly recommend doing that, because it’s a great way to test this out firsthand.

Also, if you shop off of the Biossance website, use my email (sloane@ciaobellabella.com) to get $10 off a $50 purchase. This is an affiliate code, so I receive a $10 store credit when you use it, which I put towards buying new products for the blog. Win-win!

4. Tarte Skin Twinkle Lighting palette

This is my favorite powder highlight formula that Tarte makes and I was disappointed to find out they changed it in the second version of this palette (which I don’t own), the Tartist pro glow palette (which I do own), and I’ve heard rumors it’s been changed again in the limited edition holiday highlight.

I love this formula because it gives a subtle sheen to the skin (I mentioned it in my favorite subtle highlighters post). The far left and far right shades are both extremely creamy and natural looking on the skin. I can’t tell I’m wearing any highlight unless I shift my head so the light hits it just right and my cheek glows.

The middle shade is more of a translucent satin shade that I’ve been using as a finishing powder all over my face recently. It doesn’t have glitter in it, so my face simply looks perfected without emphasizing texture.

The packaging of this is also stunning. It’s got ombre blue waves on the lid– perfect for the “rainforest of the sea” theme. It’s also 40% off on the Tarte cosmetics website right now!

5. Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipstick in Very Victoria

This lipstick was also mentioned in my fall makeup post and I ranked it as my favorite lipstick of all time. In short, I’m a fan.

The matte revolution lipsticks have an almost pillowy formula, and this shade in particular is incredibly flattering on my skin tone. It’s a browny nude that looks subtle while not washing me out. When I’m running late and need a lipstick, I grab this because I know it’ll make my lips look perfect, regardless of what shape they’re in. I can’t rave about this lipstick enough.

I also consider this to have the most instagramable packaging ever.

That’s what I’ve been loving this October! What have you been enjoying as far as fall makeup?

Ciao bella!







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