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Best Cream Blushes

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Ciao bella!

If you couldn’t tell from my last two favorites posts (here and here), cream blushes have become my thing. They’re just so much easier than powder blushes!

You can mix and match them however you like, the finish is seamless because they blend into your skin instead of laying on top, and there are so many different colors and finishes that no matter your preference, there’s something for you.

So whether you’re a powder blush fan who’s dubious about cream blushes, or someone who’s looking for something new, here’s a list of my recommendations!

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Gone swatching: Pat McGrath Labs Mthership palettes

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So, Pat McGrath is a really amazing brand, and I’m surprised I haven’t tried anything from it. For one, she’s the only celebrity/makeup artists whose line I’m interested in because she’s just so incredible at doing makeup. Check out her Instagram account here, where she shows all her amazing photoshoots she’s done the makeup for. Her makeup reflects her incredible talent and knowledge of color schemes– all of these palettes are cohesive and beautiful. Nothing feels random or thrown in. The only downside is how expensive it can be, but I’ll get into that below.

In just two years, her company is now worth over $1 billion. Not to throw shade, but Pat McGrath is the definition of a self-made billionaire. I think it’s amazing that a black owned beauty company has quickly become so popular.

These eyeshadow palettes are smaller and come in three different shades: Subversive La Vie en Rose (purple/pink tones), Sublime Bronze Ambition (wait for it…bronze tones), and Subliminal Platinum Bronze (taupe tones). Each of them costs $55. On Sephora, it says these are limited edition, but thus far I haven’t seen anything that signifies they’re going away soon. I think these palettes have similar shades between them, so I wouldn’t recommend getting all of them.

That’s enough background on Pat McGrath and her company– let’s get into it!

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Empties: what I’m repurchasing, what I’m not

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Ciao bella!

So, in the past few months, I’ve gone through a ton of things. I haven’t really posted about finishing things up, so I decided, why not make a whole post about it? I took the photos for this post a while ago, so there are some things I’ve finished since then, but aren’t pictured.

Keep in mind, this is for products I’ve completely finished up, not for things I’ve panned. If you’d like to see my project pan, check out this post.

Some of the things I’ve finished are definite repurchases, while others I know I won’t be getting again. Let’s see what I loved so much, I finished it up, and what I kind of put up with!

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July favorites

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Ciao bella! 

Like in my June favorites, I totally get a kick out of pointing out that this is my second July favorites post. You can read my first one here, from last year! 

I kind of feel like I should rename my blog Glossier Reviews instead of Ciao Bella Bella due to how many of my posts have been about them lately. From my Milky Jelly cleanser review (here) to my visit to the showroom (here) or my swatches (here, here, and here) or my haul (here)– I could keep going but I think you get the point. 

Of course, this post is no different. I try to keep my reviews of Glossier fair and balanced because I feel like there are too many “robot reps” who just promote whatever they come out with in exchange for a commission, but I do honestly like most of their products. The only thing that I’ve considered a complete bust are the Generation Z lipsticks (swatched here). 

This post isn’t just about Glossier though. This month, like last month, I’ve been opting for really glowy, simple, makeup, which just happens to be Glossier’s aesthetic. Instead of bright matte lips, I’ve been going for colorful lip glosses instead. I’m also including a sunscreen pick, because it is the heat of summer and it’s important to be safe. 

With that, let’s get into it!

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Glossier haul

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Ciao bella!

As anyone who’s been following my blog for the last month or longer knows, I recently visited the glossier showroom in New York. I’ve been posting about it for a while now, but I never actually posted about what I got! 

First, I want to thank everyone who used my affiliate link here  to get 10% off Glossier, and in turn gave me a credit! I was able to buy the lidstars with that credit, so thanks for giving back to the blog!

I’ve been testing everything out for a couple weeks now, so think of this as a haul and a first impressions post rolled into one. I’ve increasingly become a fan of Glossier, so I enjoyed all these products! 

Let’s get into what I bought! 

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I was wrong: glossier milk jelly review

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Ciao bella!

If you’re looking at the title of this post and going “hang on, you already reviewed this,” let me explain. 

When I visited the Glossier showroom last year, I got a sample (key word: sample) of the Milk Jelly cleanser with my purchase. I didn’t hate it, but I wasn’t exactly a fan of it. You can read my whole post on it here, where I go over my original thoughts. In short, I thought it was overrated.

So what did I get right in that review? What did I get wrong? And why on earth did I buy an apparently overhyped product again? 

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Gone swatching: Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Palette

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Ciao bella!

At Sephora recently, I swatched and took photos of Fenty Beauty’s latest eyeshadow palette called Moroccan Spice. From my first impression, I like this a lot more than her last palette, the Galaxy one (swatched here). 

This one follows a popular theme of warm tones with a mix of some darker matte shades. I overall like the color scheme, however I have an issue with the random blue. In my review of the Winky Lux Kitten palette here, I ranted about how often companies put a random blue in nude palette. Just look at the Naked palette, Too Faced Semi-sweet, Pur X Boxycharm– I could go on. I mean really? Is it necessary to have a blue in every otherwise nude eyeshadow palette?

Rant over. Let check out the swatches!

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7 dupes for the Norvina palette

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Ciao bella!

So a little over a year ago, I published a post titled 7 Dupes for the Naked Heat palette. In it, I listed 7 eyeshadows, some palettes and some single shadows that were similar colors to the shades in the Naked Heat palette and were a lot cheaper. The post then became one of my most popular posts– ever!

Now, I’m doing a similar post, but with the recently released Norvina palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Like my other post, I’ll be picking out a mix of single shadows and full palettes that have similar colors and themes to the Norvina palette. I haven’t tried all of these, so I can’t guarantee any exact dupes, but the goal is that they’re similar enough.

This time, I’m keeping the same theme, but doing it a little differently. I’m dividing the post into two parts: first I’ll be listing the single shadow options. This is best if you’re looking at one or two shades in the Norvina palette and you only want to pick up the one you’re interested in. Secondly, I’ll be listing the full palette dupes. This is best for if you want to get a cheaper palette, a different formula, or a different brand, but you want the same purple theme. I tried to include a mix of brands, formulas, and price ranges in this post. I won’t be talking about the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette formula (which there has been some controversy over in the past), because I haven’t tried this palette myself.

Keep reading for the dupes!

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Test drive: The benefit POREfessional primer

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Ciao bella!

In my most recent Sephora haul (posted here), I got a ton of primers. I ordered the BECCA first light primer, which I love, and then Sephora sent me a Smashbox set with 4 samples, and this primer. Essentially, I ordered 1 primer and got 6. 

Yay, I guess?

Anyways, this is such a popular primer, so I’m glad I got a sample of it because until now I’d never tried it before! The Benefit Roller Lash is my all time favorite mascara, so I had high hopes for this. 

Let’s see how it measured up!

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Gone swatching: glossier complexion

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Ciao bella!

Among the strangest things I do as a blogger, swatching the darkest foundation shades in a line to photograph them is probably high on the list. In fact, I’ve even had people say to me “I don’t think that’s your shade,” when I reach for the darkest colors in the line. 

So, here’s a full post of that!

While I was at the Glossier showroom (which I blogged about here), I took advantage of all the products they had on display and swatched a bunch of them, including the priming moisturizer, priming moisturizer rich, concealer, perfecting skin tint, and the wowder (which dropped five days after my first visit to the showroom a year ago, to my annoyance).  

I hope this post is helpful for anyone trying to figure out which shade they are for any of these products. The swatches that brands provide are often difficult, and unless you live in New York, you can only order Glossier products online. 

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