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Prior to this product, I had never heard of the skincare brand Pai. However when my mom offered me a cleanser she’d gotten as a gift with purchase and didn’t want, I was skeptical.

Aren’t all cleansers basically the same?

Short answer: no.

The first difference is the cleanser I was using at the time was oil based, while this one is a cream. The second difference is how soothing this felt when I put it on my face. It dissolved any dirt or grime on my skin, leaving my face feeling smooth and soft.

My second question was this (and I’m sure yours as well):

Who (or what) is Pai?

Turns out Pai is a brand from England that specializes in organic, environmentally friendly skin care for sensitive skin. They are cruelty free and create products that don’t use common irritants like heavy fragrance, parabens and more (click here for the full list of ingredients they avoid).

To sum it up, Pai makes high quality skin care products specially designed for sensitive skin and to minimize enviromental footprint.

First up- the packaging. For me, the packaging for skin care matters a fair amount because that’s what I actually have on display (because I use it every day). My makeup is in drawers below, but all of the skin care I use daily is next to my sink for anyone to see.

I love the packaging of this. The blue and white is incredibly soothing and it comes with a pump. I’ve noticed many cream cleansers come in a jar, but this is so much more hygienic. The pump works flawlessly and I’ve never had an issue with it.

It comes with a cloth, though I often use my Konjac sponge from Julep. However this is super cool because it has two sides- one with a rougher scrub and one that is much softer depending on your preference.

Here’s a swatch of what the cleanser looks like blended and unblended. It removes immediately with water and doesn’t leave behind a film or anything bothersome. It also has a light smell thats soothing and gentle.

I absolutely adore this cleaner and use it every day. There’s only one catch.

It’s expensive.

This retails for $50 and come with 3.4 oz of product, meaning it costs $14/oz. (I’ve been using mine nonstop for a few months and have yet to come close to running out). The breakdown per oz isn’t too expensive, but still. $50 is a lot to spend on one product.

The other downfall is this isn’t great at removing heavy eye makeup (I would suggest an oil based cleanser for that).

Overall, I really recommend this.

Ciao bella!






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  • Reply
    July 3, 2017 at 7:25 PM

    You should try the skincare brand called Eminence. I use the cleanser, serum, and dermafoliant and love it all!

    • Reply
      Sloane Bella
      July 6, 2017 at 2:25 PM

      I’ve never heard of that. Is it drugstore, Sephora or high end?

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