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So this summer, I’ve been doing a ton of traveling. And despite my best attempts, my skin showed it. I have combination skin with incredibly oily eyelids, slightly oily nose, and a dry rest of the face. With all of the traveling I’ve been doing, I break out on my nose and the rest of my face feels like all of the moisture has been sucked out.

I actually had the idea for this post when I arrived home after a long flight and could barely keep my eyes open. In my sleep deprived state, I decided it’d be a great idea to recommend what I was using to everyone else. I can’t remember exactly what I put on that night, but here’s a bunch of things I think would be great!

So here’s a list of my skin care recommendations for travel. This is all for plane flights because I find my skin takes the hardest hit from those. Enjoy!


Before a flight, you should be prepping your skin (and don’t forget your lips!) with moisturizer because being on a plane can often dry out your skin. I’ve selected two face creams of wildly varying prices and a beautiful glossy lip balm.

1. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

I recently brought this on a trip to Alaska, and if that’s not a place to make sure to moisturize, I don’t know what is. I got it a ton of years ago as a free gift with purchase and I’ve only now begun to use it. It’s a day moisturizer that absorbs nicely into my skin without feeling greasy or heavy. For a 1 oz size, it costs $18 which is quite reasonable for a moisturizer.

2. Goop by Juice Beauty Night Cream

This product is

a) amazing and

b) ridiculously expensive.

I have a sample of it that came with a kit my mom bought and she handed it off to me. I love it so much, but I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out, because there’s no way I’m buying a full size. Maybe I’ll put it on my holiday list that should be renamed: expensive-things-I-want-but-won’t-buy-for-myself. This cream is so thick and moisturizing that I only apply it at night or before plane flights. It always soothes my skin, hydrates, and plumps it all in one use. If you can afford it, I highly recommend it.

3. Malin+Gotez lip balm

I’ve been using this lip balm for basically forever and my favorite thing about it is that it’s actually a gloss! It gives my lips the perfect amount of subtle shine without being too strong or flashy. It’s a squeeze tub which makes it really easy to use everything in it and it’s cheaper than all high end lip glosses on the market (but it does ring in at the same price as the glossier lip gloss, except this has nearly twice the product). I always slather this on before a flight because my lips get extremely dry when I fly.


First up are the masks and cleansers. If you’ve been flying recently, you’ve exposed yourself to all sorts of bacteria in the air. These three items are perfect for detoxing your skin (and it’s relaxing!).

1. Pai Hydrating Cleanser with Camellia and Rose {review}

This cleanser is pretty expensive, but I love it. It’s incredibly soothing and moisturizing. It isn’t great for taking heavy makeup off, but it really cleans my skin. Pai is also designed for sensitive skin, so it will work for nearly everyone. I highly recommend this!

2. Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Mask {review}

This is the cheapest option on the list, and I love it. It really tingles (beware), but it leaves my skin moisturized and clear. It’s such an awesome mask, and it’s perfect for right after a plane flight or a long day of traveling. It’s a great deep cleansing mask, that I highly recommend for anyone wanting a nice sheet mask.

3. Caudalie Purifying Mask

This I actually bought in Italy, where even with Euro to Dollar conversion, it was so much cheaper than the states. This is a cream mask that I apply for 20 minutes and let it seep into my skin before wiping it off. This is more moisturizing than clearing, so I recommend using it in conjunction with another purifying mask like the Origins charcoal mask.

After a nice mask, it’s important to nourish your skin. I’ve picked out one oil and one face milk for hydrating your skin.

4. Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum 

This is the most expensive thing I own (also a gift) but it is the core skin care item of my routine, both for hydrating and clearing. It’s like magic, really. It doesn’t make sense for an oil to clear my breakouts, but this really does. It makes my skin naturally glowing, smooth, and clear. This has essentially fixed nearly every skin care concern I have, which is unfortunate because it’s so incredibly expensive.

5. Julep What Your Skin Needs Facial Milk {review}

This is an amazing, quick absorbing milk for brightening skin and moisturizing it. I’ve used this before as a face primer, as well as a moisturizer and I love it. It doesn’t clear blemishes like the Vintner’s Daughter oil, but it does make my skin look fresh and amazing- a must after travel or a flight.

Let’s not forget the lips! Even with the best of care, my lips always end up chapped from traveling. The best way to treat that is to first apply a lip scrub, following by a soothing balm. Here are my picks!

6. Bite Beauty Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub

I got this from my visit to the Bite Beauty lip lab (which you can read more about here) and I was unsure what I would think because I really dislike artificial cherry. Turns out the smell doesn’t bother my too much, and the scrub is a lip scrub not a sugar scrub. A sugar scrub is really simple to make yourself (I have one made of coconut oil and sugar) and is harsher than this scrub, which has small particles suspended in a moisturizing mixture. It’s great because it exfoliates dead skin while also moisturizing your lips so they aren’t dry. I highly recommend it!

7. Malin+Gotez lip moisturizer

Like the lip balm, this is a glossy mixture for soothing the lips, however this is more of a moisturizer than a balm. I love them both and find them both amazing for chapped lips. There you go! I hoped you enjoyed all of my recommendations for skin care while traveling. How do you keep your skin in shape while traveling? Ciao bella!

*A note Some of the products in this post were given to me for PR purposes through the company.  This post contains affiliate links. Read more about my affiliate link/PR samples policy here.


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