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Ciao! Today I’m here to share a haul from Sephora, Bartel’s drugstore and RMS, which I found at Anthropologie.

From the drugstore I got two of the Yes to Tomatoes charcoal face mask, the Burt’s Bees matte lip crayon in Niagara Overlook, and the Rimmel London sculpting palette in the shade golden sands.

From Sephora I got the Benefit roller lash in brown, which is my all time favorite brown mascara and my ultimate favorite travel mascara. My previous on was getting dangerously old, so I bought a replacement. Next I got the tartlette tease palette for travel as well as the rose gold liquid eyeliner that one of my best friends had bought and told me she loved it.

Lastly, from Anthropologie I got the RMS un-cover up in the shade 00, the lip to cheek in the shade demure and the living luminizer.

 Let’s check it out!

First is the Yes To tomatoes masks {review}. I’ve bought one of these before at Bartel’s while shopping with my friend who convinced me to get it. At the time, I was highly skeptical of both
a) sheet masks and
b) drugstore skin care.
However, the handy price tag of $3 was extremely helpful, and I bought one. I tried it out that night and absolutely loved it. It made my skin look much fresher and my face was glowing! A note: this tingles. A lot. If you are uncomfortable with tingling sensation or have sensitive skin, I would avoid this or do a patch test.
The next thing in my bag was the Burt’s Bees lip crayon {review}. I’d bought a few of the’s crayons before (Sedona sands and Carolina coast) but I’d always been wary of this shade because of how dark it looked. Because I can’t swatch things in a drugstore, I’ll let you know what I think when I review them.
Lastly, I grabbed the Rimmel London Kate Moss sculpting palette. I own the two other shades (002 coral glow and 003 golden bronze) and wanted to pick up the last for a comparisons post. I love these- they’re great for travel, the shades are awesome, and they’re just the right amount of pigment for my taste. I highly recommend!
Here I bought another Roller Lash (in brown) as well as the Tarte rose gold eyeliner. I’m super excited for that because I love everything rose gold and I’m always excited for a chance to improve my liquid eyeliner application skills.
Finally, I picked up the Tartlette tease for travel. It was between this and the Urban Decay naked basics 1. My friend walked up beside me and pointed at the first three colors and said “these all look the same. I wouldn’t buy that.” I hadn’t noticed it before, but yes, the first three colors were all basically the same shade of white and realistically, I wouldn’t use the matte black, so I passed on it and chose the Tartlette palette. I’m super excited to try out this palette, especially the shade first kiss. It looks like the perfect shimmery mauve shade to me!
This is probably what I was most excited about, as I had been checking out RMS’s offerings online for probably weeks now. I even asked for it at Sephora, but the lady looked at me odd and said she’d never heard of the brand. The first thing I grabbed here was the lip to cheek in the shade Demure. I swatched a few of the colors and decided demure was probably the best for me.
Next I grabbed the living luminizer {review}, because that was the first thing I’d ever heard of from RMS (I actually confused the RMS living luminizer and Rituel de Fille rare light luminizer when I first heard of them. In my defense, they sound really similar).
The last thing I picked up, I actually didn’t intend to. I was checking out the un-cover up, when I decided to swatch it. I expected it to be thick and difficult to blend, but I was surprised at how creamy it was. It applied full coverage to my hand, yet it blended out perfectly! I grabbed it and can’t wait to try it out. If you’re interested in seeing swatches from the line, click here.
There’s my latest haul from both the drugstore and Sephora! Expect review on the products mentioned soon.
Ciao bella!
*A note*

All products discussed in this post were purchased by me.

This post contains affiliate links.

Read more about my affiliate link/PR samples policy here.


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