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I bought this about nine months ago, when I got my Beautyblender (review here) and the Smashbox Contour Sticks (review soon).  I’d seen some review of this somewhere (probably on allure which was my only beauty intake at the time) which was positive, so I saw it in store and decided to get it in the shade get less red (green).

At the time I…

A) didn’t have a lot of spots to cover

B) was using a more high coverage foundation than I use now

C) loved it.

All three of those things have changed.

I now use the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation (shade 1 Fair), have more red spots on my face to cover, and strongly dislike this color corrector.

It’s not as bad as the Essence one (swatch and short review here) but I think it’s unusable for other reasons.

I’ll start with the positives: this has its own sharpener that it comes with. That’s super helpful because the crayon is rather large and it doesn’t fit into any of the other sharpeners I own. This shade is also bright green, so it’s nice to not mix that with my other crayons and eyeliners.

The other pro is that it’s a crayon, making it optimal for travel.

Now for the cons: it doesn’t blend well, it sinks into pores, it leaves an obvious green mark, and it’s expensive.

First, let me talk about the price tag. This costs $23, comes with .12 oz of product meaning it costs $191.67/ounce. Saying it has .12 ounces of product might even be pushing it because when you sharpen the crayon, you lose some product.

That’s a price tag I’d consider paying if this was the best color corrector ever. But it’s not.

The reason I don’t like the formula should be self-explanatory from the photo above. It looks like I’ve blended avocado into my hand.

It also doesn’t blend out further and is super cakey. I don’t actually get any corrective benefits from this because after I blend it, it’s green, meaning I need to cover it up with lots of concealer, which looks natural.

The result? I look like the Grinch.

I’m sure there are better color correctors out there. Pass on this one and keep looking.

Ciao bella!





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