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Gone swatching: Bite beauty holiday collection

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In this post I’ll be swatching, reviewing, and calculating the actual value of all the holiday gift sets Bite Beauty has to offer this year.

As with all gift sets, Sephora offers a supposed “value” of the product you’re getting. While it’s easy to tell if that’s true with a couple of full-sized products, things get dicier when you’re dealing with minis, or minis of different prices.

To figure out the true value of a set, first I calculate the price per ounce (like in this post), and then multiply that by the amount of ounces in the kit. From there, I get the true value of the kit. More often than not (unless you’re Hourglass) the value of the kit is over the price of the kit, meaning you’re getting more value than you’re paying for, which is good. However, equally often, the value of the kit is under the value Sephora states, meaning it’s not as good of a deal as you think it is.

Essentially, I’ll be breaking down the makeup kits Bite Beauty has to offer this year based on their value, and providing swatches. Let’s get into it!

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Gone swatching: bite beauty nearly neons collection

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Bite beauty has finally created the antithesis to their popular Edgy Neutrals lipstick line. Both lines are using their amazing amuse bouche formula that I’ve raved about here and here. It’s creaming, long wearing, and super pigmented.

I was thrilled when I saw on their Instagram that Bite Beauty launched this collection of vibrant neons. By the way, there’s nothing “nearly neon” about this. These are pure neon lipsticks.

It’s amazing when brands launch collections featuring unconventional colors and more interesting shades then your average line of boring nude lipsticks. While I’m not planning on buying any of these lipsticks because (for now) purple lipstick isn’t something I wear, I think this collection is perfect for people who love colorful lipsticks.

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My favorite lipsticks

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In honor of national lipstick day, I’ve compiled a list of my top lipsticks of all time. All of these will be either traditional bullet lipsticks or liquid lipsticks and I’ll include lip swatches for each one.

This list goes from #7 on the list to #1 with two honorable mentions. Keep in mind that all of these are favorites and it was very hard to put them in an order!

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The matchup: Purple monochromatic makeup

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Unlike my last post that featured mauve makeup, this will be showcasing a more purple-grey look. In this post, I’ll be using the following thing:

  • The shades pearlthistle, and nightingale from the Julep flights of fancy palette in Solstice
  • The Urban Decay primer potion in original
  • The Kiko Milano smart eyeshadow in 08
  • The Julep gel eyeliner in radiant amethyst
  • The Bite Beauty amuse bouche lipstick in cava

Keep reading to learn how to get what I call a “sunset” look. The latest trend is also called sunset eyes (see a great tutorial here) but it draws inspiration from a sunrise. The shades used include hot pink, red, orange, and yellow, shades you see in the morning. My look is more subtle, drawing colors from a sunset- dusty blue and greyish purple.

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Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick review

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Ever since I heard about Bite Beauty, I knew I really wanted to try one of their lipsticks. However I was tentative of buying yet another nude lipstick or another light pink. I wanted something different.

I didn’t want something as much of a statement as kale or as bold as kimchi. I wanted (as Bite Beauty put it) and edgy neutral.

The Edgy Neutrals line is a collection of the Amuse Bouche lipsticks featuring eight “nude” shades ranging from Honeycomb (a beige nude) to Molasses (a rich toffee). This line was clearly designed with a range of skin tones in mind, so if you’re someone who struggles to find a nude lipstick that works for you skin tone, then I would suggest trying out a shade from this line.

I picked out Cava, which is a wearable lilac named for the Spanish sparkling wine.

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