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Gone swatching: ABH blush trios

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While in New York, I got to swatch a ton of new releases at the giant Sephora in midtown. I was really interested in these because Anastasia Beverly Hills seems to be the unofficial queen of cheek products, but they have yet to introduce a blush.

I was really happy with the colour selection in these. A lot of times, blushes completely ignore deeper skin tones, but there are plenty of deeper and brighter blushes. Let’s check it out!

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Beauty rants & raves #1

Blog, The Bella Edit


I’m starting a new thing on my blog where I’ll be discussing my favorite and least favorite beauty news. All of it will be (mostly) recent and it will include new launches, new acquisitions, and controversy over products.

Let’s get started!

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7 dupes for the Naked Heat palette

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So the Naked Heat palette came out in the middle of June and naturally people freaked out. It was the first Naked palette in 2 years, and they hype was crazy for it. I really wanted it at first. Then I read this post from the Anti Haul blog that cut through all the noise and I decided I didn’t need it…right now.

I was however interested in the colors featured in the palette. Would warm bronzes look good on me? Would I like them? Is this a trend I want to follow?

I wasn’t sure, so I decided to look through my collection for similar shades and look a little online for some close dupes.

A quick note about this post: none of these are exactly the same as the Naked Heat as I do not own it and have not swatched. I also don’t own most of the dupes I’m suggesting. However, if you’re looking to try similar shades at a lower price, this is a good post for you. For comparison swatches, I’m using this post by The Anna Edit.

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