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Black Friday/cyber Monday deals (updating)

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This Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I’ll be updating this post with more information and deals regarding holiday sales for this weekend! Check back here for more information, or comment below if you’re interested in deals from a specific place.

You can click on the bolded name of each brand, and (if available) you can view all the posts I’ve made on that brand to see what my favorites, or least favorites are!

Check it out!
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The matchup: Mermaid makeup

Blog, The Matchup


This Halloween, I’m planning on being a mermaid, mostly because I really wanted to do a fun makeup look. Luckily, most of the makeup is affordable ($20 or less), which is great because I’m not willing to spend a ton of money on blue eyeshadows I likely won’t wear again. In fact, the only items I ordered specifically for this look were from Colourpop.

So keep reading to learn how to get this beautiful mermaid look!

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September favorites

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This September, I’ve been reaching into the depths of my makeup stash as I get back into my everyday routine. I’ve been reaching for subtler makeup that looks a little more natural. I’ve found some of my lost favorites in my collection, and I’ve been using things I haven’t reached for in a while.

This past week, I’ve experimented with only using a set amount of makeup (lipstick aside) because I rearranged my makeup area. 2/3s of the products in this post were at my desk this past week.

I’ve been also moving back into my matte liquid lipsticks. I thought I was completely over this trend in the spring, but now I’m loving them much more!

Keep reading to see what I’ve been loving!

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How to repair/repress a broken powder

Blog, The Bella Edit

This was so not a post I wanted to make.

I’d seen post like this floating around the beauty world (mostly on Instagram), and each time I’d thought something along the lines of this: Okay, that’s good to know but I never want to have to use it.

I mean who purposely breaks their makeup?

These people. Ok seriously, check out that YouTube channel, it’s super cool and they have a video specifically on BECCA champagne pop here.

Anyways, I was taking photos of the BECCA highlighters I own which are champagne pop and the two highlighters from the BECCA x Chrissy Teigen palette (review here). I had just finished and was carrying them back inside when I noticed that the cover of the BECCA x Chrissy palette has a sort of sticky surface where the BECCA compact would stick to top of the palette.

I began to tilt the palette to see if the compact would stay on top, and it did- for like two seconds. It crashed to the floor and product spilled everywhere. I had a moment of silence for my poor $38 compact, then used a fan brush to sweep all of the broken pieces into the compact. I didn’t lose too much product, but my floor had shimmery marks on it for the rest of the day.

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Anti haul #1

Blog, Hauls


This is not (by any means) a new idea. In fact, one of my favorite blogs right now is The Anti Haul Blog, a blog dedicating to helping people fight consumerism. But I liked reading other people’s anti hauls, so I thought it’d be cool to do one myself.

The point of this anti haul is for me to explain what I won’t be buying, for a variety of reasons. Keep reading for a full list of products I’ll be passing on!

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June Favorites

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Welcome to my June favorites! These are all thing’s I’ve been loving/ using constantly for the month of June. Most (but not all of these) have been reviewed, but as I review them I’ll link the reviews in.

First up is a product I raved about. I loved everything from the packaging to the colors. Unfortunately, it’s limited edition so you should snap it up quickly.

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BECCA x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette review

Makeup Reviews, Reviews

The day I bought this, I was shopping in Sephora with my friend. I’d been stalking BECCA’s Instagram for weeks, looking over each new post that depicted the beautiful palate and it’s accompanying sunlit bronzers. However, that day in Sephora I was headed for the checkout with a few miscellaneous items in my hands- an eyebrow pencil, a random lipstick, and a cream blush. I’d swatched the bronzers, but decided that $38 was more than I was willing to spend on a bronzer at that moment.

Then, I spotted this palate, set up in a gorgeous display right before I could access the checkout. I nearly dropped everything I was holding and ran over the swatch the beautiful colors.

“This is the best thing ever,” I told my friend.

Unconvinced, she shook her head. “You think everything is the best thing ever.”

“Not true!” I responded. A second passed. “Okay, sort of true, but this is amazing!”

She kept applying the eyeliner she was testing out.

Maybe it was the packaging that drew me in, or the stunning collection of shades, but I soon found myself saying “I’m going to go buy it,” and walking over to the checkout. Moments later, I was outside the store with the palate in my hands. I could hardly wait till I got home to photograph the stunning packaging and powders.

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