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Test drive: Glossier milk jelly cleanser

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Guess who’s still posting from her visit to Glossier HQ in July? This girl.

While at the Glossier HQ, I picked up a couple of things (you can read about it here) as well as a sample of their incredibly hyped milk jelly Cleanser.

Quick tip: if you order from the Glossier website, you have the option to select either the priming moisturizer (see review here) or the milk jelly cleanser. I highly recommend you use pick a sample because the worst case scenario is that you found something that doesn’t work for you and you paid nothing from it. In the Glossier HQ, you have the same option to pick between those samples but no one will tell you unless you ask. So I’m telling you. If you visit Glossier HQ, ask them what samples they have to offer, because it’s a really great way to determine if something works.

Anyways, I was really excited to test this out, mostly because of the repeated claim that this will “save my white towels from mascara.” I don’t use white towels to remove makeup (because why tempt fate?), but my only issue with my current cleanser from Julep (review here) is that the oil dissolves my makeup perfectly, but does so by spreading it around my face, so the makeup still gets on my towel.

I hoped that the Glossier milk jelly cleanser would fix this minor issue. Otherwise, I was dubious that it’d beat my love your bare face oil from Julep. Keep reading to find out my results!

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Pre and post travel skincare

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So this summer, I’ve been doing a ton of traveling. And despite my best attempts, my skin showed it. I have combination skin with incredibly oily eyelids, slightly oily nose, and a dry rest of the face. With all of the traveling I’ve been doing, I break out on my nose and the rest of my face feels like all of the moisture has been sucked out.

I actually had the idea for this post when I arrived home after a long flight and could barely keep my eyes open. In my sleep deprived state, I decided it’d be a great idea to recommend what I was using to everyone else. I can’t remember exactly what I put on that night, but here’s a bunch of things I think would be great!

So here’s a list of my skin care recommendations for travel. This is all for plane flights because I find my skin takes the hardest hit from those. Enjoy! Keep reading

New York haul

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Last week I was in New York, beauty capital of the world. I did quite a bit of shopping while I was there, but both places I bought from were places I couldn’t go at home.

First I went to the glossier showroom where I swatched everything they sold and picked up a few things for myself.

Second I went to the Bite Beauty lip lab where I created my own lipsticks alongside my mom. I’ll be doing individual posts on both of those experiences soon!

I also had the amazing opportunity to visit Winky Lux and received a ton of PR from them. I won’t be including that in this post because not all of the items are available for purchase yet, however expect reviews soon!

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Pai gentle cleanser review

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Prior to this product, I had never heard of the skincare brand Pai. However when my mom offered me a cleanser she’d gotten as a gift with purchase and didn’t want, I was skeptical.

Aren’t all cleansers basically the same?

Short answer: no.

The first difference is the cleanser I was using at the time was oil based, while this one is a cream. The second difference is how soothing this felt when I put it on my face. It dissolved any dirt or grime on my skin, leaving my face feeling smooth and soft.

My second question was this (and I’m sure yours as well):

Who (or what) is Pai?

Turns out Pai is a brand from England that specializes in organic, environmentally friendly skin care for sensitive skin. They are cruelty free and create products that don’t use common irritants like heavy fragrance, parabens and more (click here for the full list of ingredients they avoid).

To sum it up, Pai makes high quality skin care products specially designed for sensitive skin and to minimize enviromental footprint.

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