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Black Friday/cyber Monday deals (updating)

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This Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I’ll be updating this post with more information and deals regarding holiday sales for this weekend! Check back here for more information, or comment below if you’re interested in deals from a specific place.

You can click on the bolded name of each brand, and (if available) you can view all the posts I’ve made on that brand to see what my favorites, or least favorites are!

Check it out!
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The best natural highlighters

Blog, The Bella Edit


I love highlighters a lot. However, I don’t wear bold highlighters (*cough* BECCA champagne pop *cough*) often, and especially when I’m running late or on doing my makeup in a rush, I don’t have time to blend out a super shocking highlight.

I also wear mostly natural makeup, so these are my favorite highlights I wear on a daily basis for a glowing face. None of these have glitter in them either, which is great!

Quick note: all of these are natural highlights, so they tend to look fairly similar on the face. I would recommend looking through this list and picking one (some of these are palettes if you really want more options) that suits you.


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E.L.F. blush palette in light review

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I don’t consider E.L.F. to be a hyped brand like Morphe or Sigma, but it’s definitely well liked and very talked about in the beauty sphere. I’d heard a lot about this palette specifically on social media, and decided to pick it up while at my local drugstore.

Did I need more blush? No.

Was it only $6? Yes.

Into my cart it went.

E.L.F. has always seemed like a different type of drugstore brand. Their products are incredibly affordable, bested only by Wet ‘n wild. I mean, at $6, I might as well be paying for the full mirror (which is way bigger than the one that comes with Benefit Hoola and that’s 5x the price)!

Unlike most drugstore brands (I’m looking at you Milani), E.L.F. has incredibly sleek packaging. Most of it is their signature matte black, featured in this palette, but I’ve noticed how they’ve began to introduce a more high end reflective packaging.

So it’s clear that E.L.F. has a strong following for both it’s affordable prices, mostly good quality and sleek packaging.

But I was still a little skeptical. Does this palette reflect it’s price, or does it compare to those sold at Sephora and other high end stores?

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The matchup: Mauve lips

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Ciao, and welcome to the matchup, where I’ll be matching similar products. A note: this is not a dupes section, this is simply a place to find things that go well together, such as a matching blush and lipstick.

For this post, I’ve found the ingredients for the ultimate mauve lip:

  • A lip liner
  • A matte liquid lipstick
  • A lip gloss

All matching in color.

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