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Best of 2017: face

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So I’ve decided to break this year’s favorites into five parts: best of 2017 face, eyes, lips, skincare and worst of 2017. First up are my favorites for the face!

I’ve tested out so many products this year that it’s really hard to write this post, both because I was introduced to many great products, and there are stunning products that I didn’t use for the full year. Keep reading to see all the stuff I loved this year for my face!
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test drive: becca ultimate coverage foundation

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Recently, I ordered the Rose Quartz highlight from BECCA (review coming soonโ€“ spoiler alert I love it) and received three foundation samples with my order. Of course, none of them were my shade, so I mixed two to attempt to cover my face.

Key word: attempt.

There was so little product in these sample pods that I could hardly cover my face once, let alone trying it out multiple times to get a full opinion. I wore it for one day over the BECCA first light primer with no setting powder or other makeup, and buffed it out with the Tarte air buffer brush.

Keep reading for swatches of the three colors I received and a short review!

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Julep Cushion Complexion review

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I bought this the day it launched which is something I’ve never done before. I’d been so excited about this from when I first saw it teased back in November. I love how Julep used online surveys of what women are looking for in a foundation and what shades women were looking for. As far as I know, no other brand does this and I find it super helpful that Julep does.

I was so impressed with how I was able to pick my perfect foundation shade on my first try using only their resources online. The thing that was so different then the swatches other brands provide was that Julep had women matched to each shade. So instead of looking at a pure swatch and wondering how that would match my skin, I found it muchย easier to look at a woman and say “I’m darker than her,” or “I’m lighter than her.” This is only available hereย on the Julep website, not on Ulta.

After I purchased my perfect shade (120 Linen) and used it for a few months, I was sent some PR from julep including a few things from their new complexion collection. That means that I have a fair amount of shades from this line that I wouldn’t have purchased simply because they don’t match my skin. As always, all opinions are my own and for clarification, this post is not sponsored.

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The Beautyblender review

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When I heard about the beautyblender, I went through what I call 5 stages of consumerism.

  1. I don’t need or want this.
  2. Okay, maybe I want something like this but $20 is far to expensive. There’s a dupe, right?
  3. There’s no dupe for it.
  4. I am done using an old disposable sponge. Please. Save. Me.
  5. Fine. I shall buy the tiny pink sponge. I give up.

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Gone Swatching: RMS Un-Cover up

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In this episode of gone swatching I’ll be showing photos of the RMS un-cover up. At first, I was incredibly skeptical of this. Sure, it seemed interesting and at the least it was organic, but I was doubtful of how easy it would be to blend. That is, until I swatched a random shade on my hand, and gasped at how smooth it applied and how light it felt. In fact, I decided to swatch the whole line to see if they were all that perfect.

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