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Test drive: Glossier milk jelly cleanser

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Guess who’s still posting from her visit to Glossier HQ in July? This girl.

While at the Glossier HQ, I picked up a couple of things (you can read about it here) as well as a sample of their incredibly hyped milk jelly Cleanser.

Quick tip: if you order from the Glossier website, you have the option to select either the priming moisturizer (see review here) or the milk jelly cleanser. I highly recommend you use pick a sample because the worst case scenario is that you found something that doesn’t work for you and you paid nothing from it. In the Glossier HQ, you have the same option to pick between those samples but no one will tell you unless you ask. So I’m telling you. If you visit Glossier HQ, ask them what samples they have to offer, because it’s a really great way to determine if something works.

Anyways, I was really excited to test this out, mostly because of the repeated claim that this will “save my white towels from mascara.” I don’t use white towels to remove makeup (because why tempt fate?), but my only issue with my current cleanser from Julep (review here) is that the oil dissolves my makeup perfectly, but does so by spreading it around my face, so the makeup still gets on my towel.

I hoped that the Glossier milk jelly cleanser would fix this minor issue. Otherwise, I was dubious that it’d beat my love your bare face oil from Julep. Keep reading to find out my results!

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