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Beauty rants & raves #1

Blog, The Bella Edit


I’m starting a new thing on my blog where I’ll be discussing my favorite and least favorite beauty news. All of it will be (mostly) recent and it will include new launches, new acquisitions, and controversy over products.

Let’s get started!

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New York haul

Blog, Hauls


Last week I was in New York, beauty capital of the world. I did quite a bit of shopping while I was there, but both places I bought from were places I couldn’t go at home.

First I went to the glossier showroom where I swatched everything they sold and picked up a few things for myself.

Second I went to the Bite Beauty lip lab where I created my own lipsticks alongside my mom. I’ll be doing individual posts on both of those experiences soon!

I also had the amazing opportunity to visit Winky Lux and received a ton of PR from them. I won’t be including that in this post because not all of the items are available for purchase yet, however expect reviews soon!

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July Favorites

Blog, Favorites


When I went to organize the products for this post, it literally took me five seconds. All of these products I’ve been using non stop throughout July and I’ve loved them. A few are new to me and I’ve recently got in the last month and the rest are products I’ve had sitting in my collection and have only started to use them this month.

Keep reading to find out what I’ve been loving this month!

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Gone swatching: Glossier boy brow

Gone swatching


I was recently at the Glossier HQ in New York which was incredibly cool. It was an amazing experience to have, the coolest part being that I got to swatch and photograph every single thing they sell (which means you should expect a ton of posts with all of the glossier products). This post will be about one of their best selling items: the boy brow.

I was super excited about this except for one catch: would the brown be too dark? I’d seen varying images on social media about how strong it is so I was unsure.

As far as brows go, I’ve only used two brow products in my life (besides, horror of horrors, a shimmery eyeshadow), which was the Julep Don’t Leave Your Brows at Home and the Benefit brow gel. The Benefit brow gel left my brows crust and shiny in an unnatural way and the Julep pomade was both bad and way too warm for me.

So with that being said, I went into this experience excited, but a little hesitant. Would it be like the Benefit gel? Would the color match my brows? What was in store for me inside the Glossier Showroom?

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Test drive: Glossier priming moisturizer

Reviews, Test Drive


So a few weeks ago, I tested out the priming moisturizer by Glossier because I received a sample of it with my most recent glossier post.

However, as I sat down to write this post, I realized I didn’t have my camera with me that had all of my photos on it for this post.

Nice job me.

Luckily I had written down some notes about what I thought, so I was still able to write the review, but this post is a few weeks later than I expected. Keep reading to hear my thoughts on yet another product from this super hyped brand!

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Glossier Invisible Shield vs Julep No Excuses

Blog, The dupe test


First, let me explain the thought process behind this.

Yes, I would agree that sunscreen is a pretty hard thing to find a dupe for. All sunscreens either work- or they don’t and for most people that’s all that matters.

However in this case, it’s less of a dupe and more of a one-of-these-is-cheaper-and-much-better.

Much better.

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June Favorites

Blog, Favorites


Welcome to my June favorites! These are all thing’s I’ve been loving/ using constantly for the month of June. Most (but not all of these) have been reviewed, but as I review them I’ll link the reviews in.

First up is a product I raved about. I loved everything from the packaging to the colors. Unfortunately, it’s limited edition so you should snap it up quickly.

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Glossier cloud paint review

Makeup Reviews, Reviews

When I logged on to the Glossier website, my goal was never to buy any makeup.

Yes, I’m being honest.

I was planning on buying their new sunscreen to test it out and review, and I also needed a new sunscreen that would work under makeup.

But when I got to the checkout, I noticed that the sunscreen was $35. And in order to get free shipping, I had to spend $40. Did the Glossier team do that on purpose? I’m positive they did.

Even though the shipping probably wasn’t that much, I added the cloud paint to my cart because why not?

I wasn’t disappointed.

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