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The best natural highlighters

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I love highlighters a lot. However, I don’t wear bold highlighters (*cough* BECCA champagne pop *cough*) often, and especially when I’m running late or on doing my makeup in a rush, I don’t have time to blend out a super shocking highlight.

I also wear mostly natural makeup, so these are my favorite highlights I wear on a daily basis for a glowing face. None of these have glitter in them either, which is great!

Quick note: all of these are natural highlights, so they tend to look fairly similar on the face. I would recommend looking through this list and picking one (some of these are palettes if you really want more options) that suits you.


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How to repair/repress a broken powder

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This was so not a post I wanted to make.

I’d seen post like this floating around the beauty world (mostly on Instagram), and each time I’d thought something along the lines of this: Okay, that’s good to know but I never want to have to use it.

I mean who purposely breaks their makeup?

These people. Ok seriously, check out that YouTube channel, it’s super cool and they have a video specifically on BECCA champagne pop here.

Anyways, I was taking photos of the BECCA highlighters I own which are champagne pop and the two highlighters from the BECCA x Chrissy Teigen palette (review here). I had just finished and was carrying them back inside when I noticed that the cover of the BECCA x Chrissy palette has a sort of sticky surface where the BECCA compact would stick to top of the palette.

I began to tilt the palette to see if the compact would stay on top, and it did- for like two seconds. It crashed to the floor and product spilled everywhere. I had a moment of silence for my poor $38 compact, then used a fan brush to sweep all of the broken pieces into the compact. I didn’t lose too much product, but my floor had shimmery marks on it for the rest of the day.

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Gone swatching: RMS luminizers

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Today I’ll be sharing some swatches of the RMS luminizers, including the living luminizer, magic luminizer, and the master mixer.

I’ve recently reviewed the living luminizer here, and I’ve everything about it. For more of my thoughts on the formula, click the link above to see the full review.

I want to start out by mentioning how much I love the packaging for the RMS products. They’re all so elegant with the white screw tops and frosted glass bottoms.

For now, keep reading to view the swatches of the various hyped highlights RMS offers!

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Gone swatching: Burberry fresh glow highlight

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While I was in Milan, I did some swatching at a Burberry store. One of the things I decided to check out was the Burberry fresh glow highlight- a powder version of their popular fresh glow primer.

Like all Burberry products, the packaging was stunning, but I was curious. Does the product inside match the hefty price tag?

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RMS Living luminizer review

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This has a HUGE hype surrounding it.

For a reason.

I mentioned in one of my recent hauls here that I grabbed this first because it was the thing I’d heard of the most from RMS. Actually, as of the time of this post there is a quad exclusive to RMS (click here) with four different versions of the luminizer in it and it retails for $48. I’ve been eying it since I saw it teased on Instagram, but I’m on a no buy right now (and trying to declutter too).

So at $38, this clocks in as the most expensive highlighter in my collection, tied with BECCA Champagne pop (and it’s worth noting that Champagne Pop comes with nearly twice the amount of product). So is it worth it?

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BECCA x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette review

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The day I bought this, I was shopping in Sephora with my friend. I’d been stalking BECCA’s Instagram for weeks, looking over each new post that depicted the beautiful palate and it’s accompanying sunlit bronzers. However, that day in Sephora I was headed for the checkout with a few miscellaneous items in my hands- an eyebrow pencil, a random lipstick, and a cream blush. I’d swatched the bronzers, but decided that $38 was more than I was willing to spend on a bronzer at that moment.

Then, I spotted this palate, set up in a gorgeous display right before I could access the checkout. I nearly dropped everything I was holding and ran over the swatch the beautiful colors.

“This is the best thing ever,” I told my friend.

Unconvinced, she shook her head. “You think everything is the best thing ever.”

“Not true!” I responded. A second passed. “Okay, sort of true, but this is amazing!”

She kept applying the eyeliner she was testing out.

Maybe it was the packaging that drew me in, or the stunning collection of shades, but I soon found myself saying “I’m going to go buy it,” and walking over to the checkout. Moments later, I was outside the store with the palate in my hands. I could hardly wait till I got home to photograph the stunning packaging and powders.

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